Hunger Games Win Our Alliance

Everyone in our family (excluding our five dogs) read The Hunger Games trilogy. I could not wait to sit in a theater knowing thousands around town were not just snacking on popcorn, but digesting an epic message as well. A message that inspires us to stay true to our selves even in a time of great adversity (Peeta). Life is fragile, precious, and worth investing into (Rue). Our world is frightfully teetering on the cusp of Penem (The Capital), with all of it’s thirst for bloody entertainment, reality TV, and solving issues with someone’s fist other than our own (war).

As I scrambled to find a seat, my heart immediately connected with the glowing faces around me who were reading from there kindles and nooks. I pulled out mine and did the same, until yet another Twilight preview flashed on the screen. You could hear the audience boo and hiss, yelling out “Hunger Games is better!” Wow, I  have arrived, I thought to myself. Arrived with hundreds of kindred spirits that hunger as I do, for a powerful message instead of the ever popular thirst for blood.


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