Does God Still Heal?

church outside the four walls

I would like to inspire you today with an exciting testimony that Jesus still heals today,
even when we don’t deserve it:
For the last couple of years I have noticed my hearing has gotten much worse. I couldn’t hear my kids when they would talk right in front of me unless I could watch their lips move, we would have to watch movies with the captions on, and if there was any background noise I couldn’t even hear the sound of people’s voices. I was walking into Sam’s club and noticed a sign giving free hearing tests. When I sat in the room and waited for them to administer the test, I finally heard them say, “Could you not hear any of that?” They had been talking to me for a while and I had heard nothing. They charted my hearing and were amazed at how bad it was for someone my age. They said I would definitely need two hearing aids.
Last week while getting ready to go to the Glory conference in Sedona, Eric apparently told me he would be waiting in the car. Finally he ran upstairs exasperated and yelled out, “we’re late! Why didn’t you come to the car?” We got in the car and I played the handicap card,
“How can you be mad at a handicap person.” Then I thought about it on the drive,
“If we didn’t deserve salvation, but Jesus saved us than even though I blew out my eardrums as a kid with rock music, I think He has enough grace to heal me too.”
That was the statement of the day. We got there as David Herzog was ministering. He apparently called people to stand that had hearing problems, and of course I couldn’t hear him so Eric had to elbow me to stand up. When I walked to the isle David told me to stand in a certain spot where he could see a ministering angel. When I got to that exact spot I felt a current flowing is the best way I know to explain it. When he prayed for me I literally flew back 3 or 4 rows. I can now hear my kids chatter, movies I now turn down because they hurt my ears, and While worshiping at the conference, even right in front of the speaker I could hear Todd White talking to David. I am so overwhelmed with joy to have my hearing back and want to inspire you that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is no respecter of persons. He desires to heal you, and has the power to do it 

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Who Are You?


Experiences can either break you or make you.

You are what you eat.

What you imagine will become reality.

Do you believe these statements?

If so why?

Explain an experience in your life that has helped form your identity.

Why you think the way you do?

How you view yourself?

Who are you really?

My daughter and I are divergent fans, so my husband, Eric and I took our 16 year old to see the movie last night.  I loved how well the imagery of the movie matched up with my own imagination when I read it.

The basis of the story is to separate humans into 5 separate factions so they will know who they are. Because when you know who you are you become a more productive human being. The problem with this system is there are a few that break the five category mold. They are Divergent.

When we know who we are, we are more productive, but like the movie, let’s move past finding a category the world labels us with like; engineer, writer, minister, law enforcer.

Let’s find out what inspires us, what we gravitate towards, and what we work towards daily to achieve.  You might find you are a perfect blend of color that the world hasn’t seen before until they have seen your true colors.

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Shame On You!

My ten year old daughter has just pillaged through her sisters drawers again and taken what she wanted without asking. She is arguing about not wanting to help unload the dishwasher, and in the same breath begging me to make her breakfast. I have had it! I yell out,

“You are so selfish!!!!!!!”

She yells right back at me, “I am not selfish, I am just acting selfish!”

This story is true. And now, I am happy to say we all survived our strong willed child’s growing up years. She is now 18 and getting ready to graduate, and go to nursing school.

When my daughter boomeranged those words back at me, it enlighted me to a deeper understanding of shame vs. guilt.

You see, guilt is something you do that you can ask forgiveness for.

Shame is who you are.

Our ten year old daughter understood this at such a young age. She would not take on the false image of living in shame that she was destined to be a selfish person. Instead she was acting in a VERY selfish way.

Shame is considered to be the swampland of our soul.

I am writing this post today with a desperate plea for you reading it to exam how you perceive your self.

How would you describe yourself?

The bible say’s you are made in the very image of God Himself.

He does not make mistakes.

You are a miracle, with so many gifts and unique strengths that the world is a better place because your in it.

Shame paralyzes you from allowing your true identity to come out. It is what blocks us from joy, fulfillment, and whole hearted living.

My husband, Eric just taught on this at our Friday night home church. He made the comparison of Peter who denied Jesus three times, vs. Judas who sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Both had shame and took it on as who they were. The difference was that Peter was able to walk away from it and follow Jesus again, while Judas took his own life and died in his shame.

If you are dealing with shame I would encourage you to shout out like my ten year old, what you are not. Replace it with the wonderful truth of who you are and then walk out and do the thing that is in your heart to do. Enjoy discovering the beautiful wonderful miracle you truly are.

I linked a powerful TED Talks about shame and vulnerability that you might enjoy as well.


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Closing One Door To Open Another

andI’m not sure if I have shared with you about a very painful decision my husband and I have recently made this November. We were associate pastors at a church we attended for over thirty years. During that time we have been through many ups and downs with them. Been through many marriages, babies being born, and loved ones dying. When you grow up in the church, it’s no longer a congregation but your family.

It wasn’t until this year though, God had been stirring us to fly. I can’t explain it except for even though we enjoyed the warmth of love we felt from our brothers and sisters, we kept hurting for the ones in trauma, alone, without the strength of the family we had been given inside the four walls. We kept plugging away with trying to build a bigger and better church, until one day the foundation began to crumble. Our ways of trying to fix the very structure we helped build a comfortable life underneath, was no longer wanted by our headship.

A month before the roof came crashing down around us, God had told us that we are pastors outside of the four walls. He is calling us to reach the broken-hearted. He even downloaded a whole outline based on the American Red Cross, with trauma centers, counseling, health and wellness clinics, suicide hotlines, etc. Our desire was to add this to our church. God’s desire was to add this to the community.

Ever since that day we have felt alone and searching. There are times we have felt like orphans, and other days we wonder, did we do the right thing? My biggest cry out to God lately has been how on earth does just our family start a red cross ministry? It’s just too big God.

But God. . .

Valentine’s day is here, and I have been invited to be the seventh and last member of a new ministry that has just begun in our community called First Responders. I went to see if this was anyway in connection to the vision God had given to Eric and I. They were working on a flyer that explains all the types of ministries they are making available to Flagstaff and showed it to me. I look at it and tears begin to well up. Right at the top of the page is their symbol; a red cross sign. Bellow that is counseling, wellness center, intercessory prayer. They begin to explain their vision. To go outside of the four walls of the church to rescue the broken in the middle of emergencies, the one’s in trauma, and get them immediate help. I knew if I had released those tears I would be bawling and not able to compose myself. When asked what I could contribute I took out my notebook of downloads from God and their mouths dropped open. It was like two halves of a picture were brought together and we could all see that God had put this group together.

They were excited about adding a youth center with suicide prevention counseling and hotline.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am amazed that today I have walked into God’s will and not my own works.


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Keys of Possibilities


After you take some time to dream, I want to inspire you to find a door that represents your dreams.

There are keys to open heaven here on earth, and there are keys to lock up what heaven has the power to lock up.

Have you peeked through a key hole as a child wanting to know what mysteries where hidden on the other side?

As an adult, you were then given the keys to open or lock up those same doors. You could pass through whenever you wanted to, and had the power to lock it up as well.

This is the same principle in God’s kingdom as well. As we mature we go from peeking into the promises of God to opening heaven and locking out hell. God is entrusting you with the keys. What doors will you open and what doors will you shut?

“Let your will be done as it is in Heaven!”

“Whatever you bind here is already bound in heaven, and whatever you loosen is already loosed in heaven.”

I inspire you to bring some keys with you while you pray each morning and start binding and loosening (opening and closing doors).

What doors would you like to close,

and what doors would you like to open?

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February 9, 2014 · 3:36 pm

Dream Big

Do you dream about being a writer?

writer's dream

Than write at least 15 minutes a day.

This was some of the best advice I got at a Writer’s conference I attended.

Find out what it is you really want to do in life, and then invest a small amount of your day doing it.

dream big

Discover what you dream about most and set you coordinates toward the horizon of your destiny.


Setting your coordinates means speaking life into them.

Speak positively about where you’re heading.

It also means being persistent and don’t give up.

Watch videos about inspirational people who do extraordinary things, just one step at a time, until they reach their goal.

diane nyaddream xtreme

Surround yourself with a team of people who believe in you and have some expertise in where your going.

Allow yourself setbacks without giving up totally.

The setbacks can sometimes be the best learning experiences.


Know who you are, and have confidence in the very specific and unique way God designed you.

There are millions of writer’s out there, but only one you that thinks and writes specifically the way you do.

Dream Big and then live big!

I am putting my $ where my ) is. Since I was little I dreamed of going to England some day. I have always felt “London Calling” me. (Even my mini cooper is decked out with British flags 🙂 Last Sunday at church they asked for volunteers to go to Reading, England on a missions trip. They said that this area is opening up to the Gospel, and needing Missionaries and a team to help. They are setting up an inspirational film making studio and looking for people who are able to help in media. I was blown away, since I had only heard of impoverished parts of the world asking for missionaries. So my husband and I have signed up and starting to save the $. This will  be an opportunity my heart can’t afford to miss.

go to London

What about you?

What’s in your heart to pursue?


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Stop Wasting Time!

This is the mantra I kept repeating through out my day.

Every errand I did ended up counterproductive.

Two hours wasted after looking for a parking space downtown and either not having the right paperwork when I got into the court-house, or a church that forgot to inform me over the phone, I couldn’t use the facility they invited me to look at because they are remodeling the month I needed it.


I went to check out a book at the library and couldn’t because of an over due book I forgot to bring with me.


Then there was the trip to the mall with my dog who pooped on the floor in front of the Verizon store. I had asked for a bag to clean it up and they gave me a huge trash bag instead. I was so humiliated with shoppers walking around us I immediately left with out shopping.


I had stopped into my favorite coffee-house and decided I deserved one of their savory crepes instead of the healthy salad I should have ordered.


As I wrote my cards to be sent off for a care package, in walked a soft-spoken elderly woman who I had met a week before at a church my husband and I had been visiting.

She pulled up a chair and with the shards of time left in my day to clean my house and get ready for 30 people that would be showing up for our new house church we recently started, she began to tell me about her life.

Now, at that moment when I had five minutes to write out five heartfelt cards that lay strewn in front of me, I thought my day had gone from wasted time to totally sabotaged. There was no way to write, so I just sat back and listened, and ate my crêpe.


  Her name was Sandy.

Why had I not remembered that when I was introduced to her the week before?

She was a single mom of three adult disabled children.

She had moved here with her husband for a teaching job at the local university. The challenge of raising three disabled children was too much for her husband and after twenty-three years of marriage left her.

She told me how God spoke to her to start a cleaning business and for over twenty years she did just that, and she always had enough business and money. She cleaned for very influential people in our town and she would begin praying for them as she would clean their houses.

After a while she began to have great favor with her cliental, as they would stay around, asking advice, she would begin to tell them about the love of Christ and minister to their needs.

Then she began driving through neighborhoods praying for families and prayer walks lifting up our community to God.


I then forgot about time and leaned in closer to hear her wispy voice tell the multiple stories of people just walking over to sit with her and listen to her talk about God’s love. Story after story about praying for people on the street corners, at the hospital, and her favorite place; Taco Bell.

I then opened up to her about needs for myself as well as reaching out to our community, and asked her to pray for me.

 As she prayed, I felt a huge burden of worry drop off my shoulders. In her prayer she laughed and told me God was directing my every step.


 If I asked you to count how many wasteful things I did that day, which ones would you count?

It depends how you look at it.


My advice to stop wasting time could be to ask important questions, and double-check that you have everything you need before you go out your door.


It could also be, no matter how cute your dog is, don’t take him with you on errands.

unless. . .

dog pooper scooper

No, still not a good idea.


Also if you’re trying to shed the extra holiday pounds, like me, order the salad.

But as far as taking some time to get to know a stranger, discovering an unsung hero, and making a new friend in the process, I think I was able to redeem some of the wasted time.

Miracles of all was being able to clean and pick up my house within an hour, and I even had time to sit and watch a documentary with a couple of friends that came over early.

By taking the time to lighted my burdens, I was able to have a much more meaningful and successful house church and complete my ultimate goal for the day;

inspire people around me.

running for the moment


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Let’s inspire!

I had a friend of mine tell me a funny story about her husband coming home after a hard day “at work. He sat with her at the kitchen table pouring out his troubles when their six-year-old daughter walked in and listened for a while. She interrupted her dad with this question; “Did anyone spit on you dad?””No honey, why?” was the dads response.”Well. they spit on Jesus, and then they whipped him like a gazillion times, then they stuck a crown of thorns on his head and nailed him to a cross.” and then she walked off to play with her little brother.The husband turned to my friend,  “Well apparently I didn’t have as a bad day as I thought.”I still laugh about this years later, but the video I want to share with you might just have the same effect.

But I really don’t want you to feel that way.

I want you to see deeper into the real meaning of this man’s inspirational words.

His life is a profound example of the power of hope.

ted talks hope


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Wisdom From Winnie

 pooh birthday I am turning six years old tomorrow and I don’t think I will ever get to sleep, “Please dad just one more adventure in the hundred acre woods?”

    My Dad looks like a Portuguese fisherman with his pipe and dark beard. When he smiles the ruddy glow in his cheeks catch the glimmer of the roaring fire near our rocking chair.

     He chuckles, “Ok, just one more, we have a big day planned for you with treasure hunts and pin the tale on Eeyore.”


      I did finally fall asleep, somewhere between Rabbit trying to loose Tigger  in the woods, and Tigger rescuing Rabbit instead. 

     The birthday was a dream come true since Pooh bear is my very favorite story, and everywhere I looked there was pictures of him; from my cake, to the paper plates, and even my dress.

     The treasure hunt ended in quite the adventure as well,  since one of the boys (I didn’t invite) hit a yellow jacket hive with a stick and swarms of these devilish bees dive bombed all of us girls, as we ran screaming  into the house. 

   winny-the-pooh-bear-love-quoteToday I am 40ish and still have friends from Canaan. N.H. that facebook me about the party with the killer bees.

                                                                     An unforgettable adventure.

      There are lots of other things sweet and wonderful about Pooh bear and his adventures, that would benefit us to remember;

                                              like the way he used his heart to do all of his thinking for him

                                                                   since he said his brain was made of  “fluff.”

            I would like to share some 

                                                      “Wisdom from Winnie.” 

                                                                           pooh rivers 

                                                                                I hope it inspires you while drifting  down Life’s rivers!pooh nothing              May you enjoy the ride! 

         poohisms                                                                                                        brave bear

                                                                                    pooh listening

                                                                                                                        pooh friends                               

How about you?

What was one of your favorite children’s book?

                         Is there anything special you remember about it that still gives you wisdom as an adult?

                                                    pooh quotes


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The Heart of Life




It was just me and my sister-in-law sitting at one of Flagstaff’s favorite breakfast spots. My only objective in taking her out this morning, was to hopefully lift her spirit.


God loves us       As I sat across from one of the most stunningly beautiful woman in all of Arizona, with a heart as big as the Grand Canyon, and a hole in it as large as it gaping cavity, I felt overwhelmed. You see, her husband passed away eight weeks ago.

He was vibrant, healthy, and mountain bike riding when he suffered a massive heart attack. With the holidays over, I just wanted some time to spend listening to her in hopes of placing a seedling of encouragement before we parted ways. 

tornWhen she had asked about surviving the stages of grieving, I realized that unfortunately, I had become sort of an expert in the field. I had rattled off how after my mom died I couldn’t travel to Phoenix without bawling, but it gets better, and now we go vacationing all the time without any sorrow only good memories. Then trying to get closure after my dad past from the debilitating disease of Parkinson’s, or the restoration process that takes place after a rape, and then there’s walking into a room and seeing your spiritual son after his suicide success and his life’s failure.

girl in mirror This conversation rattled me and I left thinking,

how did my life’s story become such a tragedy? 

It wasn’t until later that night my husband and I went to see the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, that I became inspired to change my life story.

                                                                                    I am declaring to anyone reading this,

that feels the same way I do;

wishing your life’s work would be stored somewhere between the romantic comedy and adventure section on heaven’s bookshelf,

that I am rewriting my lines.

In the movie Walter Mitty has worked for life magazine for at least a decade, but never had a life of his own. He only imagined what he wished it to be, until one day. . .

(I will let you watch the movie and see for yourselves ;).

The bible say’s, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue,” and “Our tongues are like a rudder of a ship. Such a small muscle can turn the course of your life’s direction.”  So I choose to change my speech from trauma specialist to LIFE adventurer.

I want to see beauty and splendor while tackling another mountain of challenge. I choose to see the good and splendor instead of dwelling on the dark and lonely times.

Don’t get me wrong, those scars we all carry from the chapters in our life when we thought all hope was gone, are signs of courage. You came out the other side and lived to tell about it. That is a happily ever after in itself.

                                               Life is too short not to live it.

The motto they continually showed throughout the movie was supposedly Life magazine’s motto, “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” 

But while looking it up I found the original Life magazine’s motto,

While there’s Life, there’s hope.”


  life  Is there anything keeping you from running your own life? If so make a comment and I also encourage you to read some of my followers blogs as well.  I got to read about a mom who has raised “disabled” children and transform them into amazingly CAPABLE adults, or my web-friend who journals through a life of clinical depression that turns my gloomy days into hope.

Maybe Blogs are the new Life magazine;   “To see behind walls draw us closer.”


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