Hunger Games part II “The Blue Butterfly”

Did you catch the blue butterfly sweeping gently past Katniss inside the game? Children trapped inside a computerized arena, designed to cage them into a controlled environment as they fight to the death. Still they could not keep all of nature out. The wild unencumbered nature that Katniss and Gale freely tromped through in the beginning. You can not control nature because it is the nature of God. It is as wild and savage as a tidal wave, yet delicate and fragile as a spiders web.

Out on a meandering path one morning God whispered to me, “See those butterflies dancing around the wildflowers. They represent my wisdom. I never shove or push my wisdom on anyone, rather gently whisper it in hopes to catch some looking for it.” He proceeded to enlighten me, “My wisdom brings freedom and lightness, not burdens of heaviness and drudgery. If you can catch it and then act on it, my wisdom will regenerate and multiply, bringing a more beautiful spectrum of color to the world around you.

The blue morpho butterfly is my passionate favorite. It’s glimmer  captivates me with the secret of life stamped on it’s delicate wings. The iridescence is created by the micro texture on the wings surface that interacts with the light waves. As light is reflected off the micro canyons it creates interference patterns based on the shape of the texture and the frequency of the light. It is in these highs and low patterns on the wing itself, along with the light that shines on it refracting in the shimmering properties that bring us to our state of awe and wonder. When God shines His light (wisdom, sight, help) upon the high and low canyons in our own lives there is an awe.

Katniss reflected the very butterfly flitting around her face. Surrounded by death, she still hopes for freedom to live a peaceful existence.

The result is an iridescence of awe as we ponder this shimmering wisdom.



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6 responses to “Hunger Games part II “The Blue Butterfly”

  1. Excellent thoughts & observations!

  2. What a beautiful analogy of God gently beside us waiting for us to notice Him…and how I love butterflies..Your description was lovely.

    I can’t wait for summer until I see them in my garden.

  3. That’s awesome. I grew up in a little town in New Hampshire. We lived on a 30
    acre apple orchard. One of my favorite things were the two enormous lilac bushes. They were so big, I had my fortresses (hide outs) in them. My favorite fragrance is still lilacs today. It’s funny how fragrances (good or bad) can bring you back in time.

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