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Stop Wasting Time!

This is the mantra I kept repeating through out my day.

Every errand I did ended up counterproductive.

Two hours wasted after looking for a parking space downtown and either not having the right paperwork when I got into the court-house, or a church that forgot to inform me over the phone, I couldn’t use the facility they invited me to look at because they are remodeling the month I needed it.


I went to check out a book at the library and couldn’t because of an over due book I forgot to bring with me.


Then there was the trip to the mall with my dog who pooped on the floor in front of the Verizon store. I had asked for a bag to clean it up and they gave me a huge trash bag instead. I was so humiliated with shoppers walking around us I immediately left with out shopping.


I had stopped into my favorite coffee-house and decided I deserved one of their savory crepes instead of the healthy salad I should have ordered.


As I wrote my cards to be sent off for a care package, in walked a soft-spoken elderly woman who I had met a week before at a church my husband and I had been visiting.

She pulled up a chair and with the shards of time left in my day to clean my house and get ready for 30 people that would be showing up for our new house church we recently started, she began to tell me about her life.

Now, at that moment when I had five minutes to write out five heartfelt cards that lay strewn in front of me, I thought my day had gone from wasted time to totally sabotaged. There was no way to write, so I just sat back and listened, and ate my crêpe.


  Her name was Sandy.

Why had I not remembered that when I was introduced to her the week before?

She was a single mom of three adult disabled children.

She had moved here with her husband for a teaching job at the local university. The challenge of raising three disabled children was too much for her husband and after twenty-three years of marriage left her.

She told me how God spoke to her to start a cleaning business and for over twenty years she did just that, and she always had enough business and money. She cleaned for very influential people in our town and she would begin praying for them as she would clean their houses.

After a while she began to have great favor with her cliental, as they would stay around, asking advice, she would begin to tell them about the love of Christ and minister to their needs.

Then she began driving through neighborhoods praying for families and prayer walks lifting up our community to God.


I then forgot about time and leaned in closer to hear her wispy voice tell the multiple stories of people just walking over to sit with her and listen to her talk about God’s love. Story after story about praying for people on the street corners, at the hospital, and her favorite place; Taco Bell.

I then opened up to her about needs for myself as well as reaching out to our community, and asked her to pray for me.

 As she prayed, I felt a huge burden of worry drop off my shoulders. In her prayer she laughed and told me God was directing my every step.


 If I asked you to count how many wasteful things I did that day, which ones would you count?

It depends how you look at it.


My advice to stop wasting time could be to ask important questions, and double-check that you have everything you need before you go out your door.


It could also be, no matter how cute your dog is, don’t take him with you on errands.

unless. . .

dog pooper scooper

No, still not a good idea.


Also if you’re trying to shed the extra holiday pounds, like me, order the salad.

But as far as taking some time to get to know a stranger, discovering an unsung hero, and making a new friend in the process, I think I was able to redeem some of the wasted time.

Miracles of all was being able to clean and pick up my house within an hour, and I even had time to sit and watch a documentary with a couple of friends that came over early.

By taking the time to lighted my burdens, I was able to have a much more meaningful and successful house church and complete my ultimate goal for the day;

inspire people around me.

running for the moment



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