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Closing One Door To Open Another

andI’m not sure if I have shared with you about a very painful decision my husband and I have recently made this November. We were associate pastors at a church we attended for over thirty years. During that time we have been through many ups and downs with them. Been through many marriages, babies being born, and loved ones dying. When you grow up in the church, it’s no longer a congregation but your family.

It wasn’t until this year though, God had been stirring us to fly. I can’t explain it except for even though we enjoyed the warmth of love we felt from our brothers and sisters, we kept hurting for the ones in trauma, alone, without the strength of the family we had been given inside the four walls. We kept plugging away with trying to build a bigger and better church, until one day the foundation began to crumble. Our ways of trying to fix the very structure we helped build a comfortable life underneath, was no longer wanted by our headship.

A month before the roof came crashing down around us, God had told us that we are pastors outside of the four walls. He is calling us to reach the broken-hearted. He even downloaded a whole outline based on the American Red Cross, with trauma centers, counseling, health and wellness clinics, suicide hotlines, etc. Our desire was to add this to our church. God’s desire was to add this to the community.

Ever since that day we have felt alone and searching. There are times we have felt like orphans, and other days we wonder, did we do the right thing? My biggest cry out to God lately has been how on earth does just our family start a red cross ministry? It’s just too big God.

But God. . .

Valentine’s day is here, and I have been invited to be the seventh and last member of a new ministry that has just begun in our community called First Responders. I went to see if this was anyway in connection to the vision God had given to Eric and I. They were working on a flyer that explains all the types of ministries they are making available to Flagstaff and showed it to me. I look at it and tears begin to well up. Right at the top of the page is their symbol; a red cross sign. Bellow that is counseling, wellness center, intercessory prayer. They begin to explain their vision. To go outside of the four walls of the church to rescue the broken in the middle of emergencies, the one’s in trauma, and get them immediate help. I knew if I had released those tears I would be bawling and not able to compose myself. When asked what I could contribute I took out my notebook of downloads from God and their mouths dropped open. It was like two halves of a picture were brought together and we could all see that God had put this group together.

They were excited about adding a youth center with suicide prevention counseling and hotline.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am amazed that today I have walked into God’s will and not my own works.



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Old School is the New School

As I interviewed Personal Trainer Kaye Anderson I realized even though she considers her way of training and nutrition old school, it is actually tried and true. If someone has seen as much success through the years as she has then maybe that’s the kind of wisdom for our over all health we should re-evaluate.

Q. How long have you been a trainer?

A. I have trained while managing several health clubs for eighteen years.

Q. When you say several, can you be more specific, and where?

A. Six different health clubs in Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

Q. I realize all clients are different but what would your long term goals be for us trying to loose weight?

A. It seems for most of us we seem to struggle with that last five to ten pounds. I always tell my clients it’s those last five pounds that help keep us eating so healthy.  I’m always asking my clients what their goals are, but really my goal for them would be to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Q. to getting down to our goal weight and keeping it off, how much percentage is diet, and how much is exercise? I heard it was 80% diet, 20% exercise.

A. 50/50….and here’s why. You need a strong engine (body composition) and the right fuel (food) Muscle burns fat and so does lean tissue so you need to have the foundation of a healthy body composition in order to use the fuel efficiently.  If you diet alone, you may lose weight, but you will have a hard time maintaining that weight loss if your bodies composition is not burning fuel efficiently.

Q. Can you give us some tips to get rid of the holiday bulge and stop eating sweets?

A. I can, but first let me preface this with always ask your doctor when changing your diet or exercise plan in any drastic way. To jump start your diet and take away sugar cravings; For 3 days eat only lean protein and tons of veggies. An example of one those days would consist of 1 egg and 2 whites, add any veggies like spinach, peppers, onions etc. Snacks eat veggies with hummus. Lunch big salad with pepita seeds, feta, chicken or fish, and beans are always great since they are low fat and high fiber. 3:00 is when I get the hungriest, so have a good whey protein shake mixed with water or 40 cal. almond milk. Then dinner lots of veggies (you can grill, roast, or steam) with lean meat (size of your hand). Then after the three days, slowly add whole wheat, whole grains, berries, and low glycemic fruit. If your weight is continuing to come off, and your cravings are gone keep it up. If it’s not back up and introduce these foods a little slower. If you like dairy, make sure they are 1 percent, or low-fat. Always take a good multivitamin.

Q. You mentioned weight training earlier, and I always see these amazing bodies advertising some sort of scheme to get their chiseled body that never works. Would you be willing to tell us what your routine is?

A. Certainly, but again this is what I do,  basic. I don’t think people realize how simple it is to stay in great physical shape. Besides my 30-40 min. of cardio a day, I take only about 30 min. 3-4 times a week alternating opposing muscle groups so that I can be efficient in lifting.  i.e. Do a set of bicep curls and then do a set of tricep extensions.  Keep alternating until 3 sets are complete. This makes it so you don’t have to wait in between.  The heaviest weight I use is 30 pounds.

Q. Well You have to let me post a picture, because you are an inspiration to all of us that know you, or have survived your classes. Thanks again and any inkspiring words you want to leave us with?

A.  I think you should find a brushed stroked model picture and post it as me!

Q. How about a fuzzy picture from my camera phone I sneaked into our spin class;) You rock, and thanks for the interview!



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