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Dream Big

Do you dream about being a writer?

writer's dream

Than write at least 15 minutes a day.

This was some of the best advice I got at a Writer’s conference I attended.

Find out what it is you really want to do in life, and then invest a small amount of your day doing it.

dream big

Discover what you dream about most and set you coordinates toward the horizon of your destiny.


Setting your coordinates means speaking life into them.

Speak positively about where you’re heading.

It also means being persistent and don’t give up.

Watch videos about inspirational people who do extraordinary things, just one step at a time, until they reach their goal.

diane nyaddream xtreme

Surround yourself with a team of people who believe in you and have some expertise in where your going.

Allow yourself setbacks without giving up totally.

The setbacks can sometimes be the best learning experiences.


Know who you are, and have confidence in the very specific and unique way God designed you.

There are millions of writer’s out there, but only one you that thinks and writes specifically the way you do.

Dream Big and then live big!

I am putting my $ where my ) is. Since I was little I dreamed of going to England some day. I have always felt “London Calling” me. (Even my mini cooper is decked out with British flags 🙂 Last Sunday at church they asked for volunteers to go to Reading, England on a missions trip. They said that this area is opening up to the Gospel, and needing Missionaries and a team to help. They are setting up an inspirational film making studio and looking for people who are able to help in media. I was blown away, since I had only heard of impoverished parts of the world asking for missionaries. So my husband and I have signed up and starting to save the $. This will  be an opportunity my heart can’t afford to miss.

go to London

What about you?

What’s in your heart to pursue?



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