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Does God Still Heal?

church outside the four walls

I would like to inspire you today with an exciting testimony that Jesus still heals today,
even when we don’t deserve it:
For the last couple of years I have noticed my hearing has gotten much worse. I couldn’t hear my kids when they would talk right in front of me unless I could watch their lips move, we would have to watch movies with the captions on, and if there was any background noise I couldn’t even hear the sound of people’s voices. I was walking into Sam’s club and noticed a sign giving free hearing tests. When I sat in the room and waited for them to administer the test, I finally heard them say, “Could you not hear any of that?” They had been talking to me for a while and I had heard nothing. They charted my hearing and were amazed at how bad it was for someone my age. They said I would definitely need two hearing aids.
Last week while getting ready to go to the Glory conference in Sedona, Eric apparently told me he would be waiting in the car. Finally he ran upstairs exasperated and yelled out, “we’re late! Why didn’t you come to the car?” We got in the car and I played the handicap card,
“How can you be mad at a handicap person.” Then I thought about it on the drive,
“If we didn’t deserve salvation, but Jesus saved us than even though I blew out my eardrums as a kid with rock music, I think He has enough grace to heal me too.”
That was the statement of the day. We got there as David Herzog was ministering. He apparently called people to stand that had hearing problems, and of course I couldn’t hear him so Eric had to elbow me to stand up. When I walked to the isle David told me to stand in a certain spot where he could see a ministering angel. When I got to that exact spot I felt a current flowing is the best way I know to explain it. When he prayed for me I literally flew back 3 or 4 rows. I can now hear my kids chatter, movies I now turn down because they hurt my ears, and While worshiping at the conference, even right in front of the speaker I could hear Todd White talking to David. I am so overwhelmed with joy to have my hearing back and want to inspire you that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is no respecter of persons. He desires to heal you, and has the power to do it 


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Closing One Door To Open Another

andI’m not sure if I have shared with you about a very painful decision my husband and I have recently made this November. We were associate pastors at a church we attended for over thirty years. During that time we have been through many ups and downs with them. Been through many marriages, babies being born, and loved ones dying. When you grow up in the church, it’s no longer a congregation but your family.

It wasn’t until this year though, God had been stirring us to fly. I can’t explain it except for even though we enjoyed the warmth of love we felt from our brothers and sisters, we kept hurting for the ones in trauma, alone, without the strength of the family we had been given inside the four walls. We kept plugging away with trying to build a bigger and better church, until one day the foundation began to crumble. Our ways of trying to fix the very structure we helped build a comfortable life underneath, was no longer wanted by our headship.

A month before the roof came crashing down around us, God had told us that we are pastors outside of the four walls. He is calling us to reach the broken-hearted. He even downloaded a whole outline based on the American Red Cross, with trauma centers, counseling, health and wellness clinics, suicide hotlines, etc. Our desire was to add this to our church. God’s desire was to add this to the community.

Ever since that day we have felt alone and searching. There are times we have felt like orphans, and other days we wonder, did we do the right thing? My biggest cry out to God lately has been how on earth does just our family start a red cross ministry? It’s just too big God.

But God. . .

Valentine’s day is here, and I have been invited to be the seventh and last member of a new ministry that has just begun in our community called First Responders. I went to see if this was anyway in connection to the vision God had given to Eric and I. They were working on a flyer that explains all the types of ministries they are making available to Flagstaff and showed it to me. I look at it and tears begin to well up. Right at the top of the page is their symbol; a red cross sign. Bellow that is counseling, wellness center, intercessory prayer. They begin to explain their vision. To go outside of the four walls of the church to rescue the broken in the middle of emergencies, the one’s in trauma, and get them immediate help. I knew if I had released those tears I would be bawling and not able to compose myself. When asked what I could contribute I took out my notebook of downloads from God and their mouths dropped open. It was like two halves of a picture were brought together and we could all see that God had put this group together.

They were excited about adding a youth center with suicide prevention counseling and hotline.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am amazed that today I have walked into God’s will and not my own works.


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Dream Big

Do you dream about being a writer?

writer's dream

Than write at least 15 minutes a day.

This was some of the best advice I got at a Writer’s conference I attended.

Find out what it is you really want to do in life, and then invest a small amount of your day doing it.

dream big

Discover what you dream about most and set you coordinates toward the horizon of your destiny.


Setting your coordinates means speaking life into them.

Speak positively about where you’re heading.

It also means being persistent and don’t give up.

Watch videos about inspirational people who do extraordinary things, just one step at a time, until they reach their goal.

diane nyaddream xtreme

Surround yourself with a team of people who believe in you and have some expertise in where your going.

Allow yourself setbacks without giving up totally.

The setbacks can sometimes be the best learning experiences.


Know who you are, and have confidence in the very specific and unique way God designed you.

There are millions of writer’s out there, but only one you that thinks and writes specifically the way you do.

Dream Big and then live big!

I am putting my $ where my ) is. Since I was little I dreamed of going to England some day. I have always felt “London Calling” me. (Even my mini cooper is decked out with British flags 🙂 Last Sunday at church they asked for volunteers to go to Reading, England on a missions trip. They said that this area is opening up to the Gospel, and needing Missionaries and a team to help. They are setting up an inspirational film making studio and looking for people who are able to help in media. I was blown away, since I had only heard of impoverished parts of the world asking for missionaries. So my husband and I have signed up and starting to save the $. This will  be an opportunity my heart can’t afford to miss.

go to London

What about you?

What’s in your heart to pursue?


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Stop Wasting Time!

This is the mantra I kept repeating through out my day.

Every errand I did ended up counterproductive.

Two hours wasted after looking for a parking space downtown and either not having the right paperwork when I got into the court-house, or a church that forgot to inform me over the phone, I couldn’t use the facility they invited me to look at because they are remodeling the month I needed it.


I went to check out a book at the library and couldn’t because of an over due book I forgot to bring with me.


Then there was the trip to the mall with my dog who pooped on the floor in front of the Verizon store. I had asked for a bag to clean it up and they gave me a huge trash bag instead. I was so humiliated with shoppers walking around us I immediately left with out shopping.


I had stopped into my favorite coffee-house and decided I deserved one of their savory crepes instead of the healthy salad I should have ordered.


As I wrote my cards to be sent off for a care package, in walked a soft-spoken elderly woman who I had met a week before at a church my husband and I had been visiting.

She pulled up a chair and with the shards of time left in my day to clean my house and get ready for 30 people that would be showing up for our new house church we recently started, she began to tell me about her life.

Now, at that moment when I had five minutes to write out five heartfelt cards that lay strewn in front of me, I thought my day had gone from wasted time to totally sabotaged. There was no way to write, so I just sat back and listened, and ate my crêpe.


  Her name was Sandy.

Why had I not remembered that when I was introduced to her the week before?

She was a single mom of three adult disabled children.

She had moved here with her husband for a teaching job at the local university. The challenge of raising three disabled children was too much for her husband and after twenty-three years of marriage left her.

She told me how God spoke to her to start a cleaning business and for over twenty years she did just that, and she always had enough business and money. She cleaned for very influential people in our town and she would begin praying for them as she would clean their houses.

After a while she began to have great favor with her cliental, as they would stay around, asking advice, she would begin to tell them about the love of Christ and minister to their needs.

Then she began driving through neighborhoods praying for families and prayer walks lifting up our community to God.


I then forgot about time and leaned in closer to hear her wispy voice tell the multiple stories of people just walking over to sit with her and listen to her talk about God’s love. Story after story about praying for people on the street corners, at the hospital, and her favorite place; Taco Bell.

I then opened up to her about needs for myself as well as reaching out to our community, and asked her to pray for me.

 As she prayed, I felt a huge burden of worry drop off my shoulders. In her prayer she laughed and told me God was directing my every step.


 If I asked you to count how many wasteful things I did that day, which ones would you count?

It depends how you look at it.


My advice to stop wasting time could be to ask important questions, and double-check that you have everything you need before you go out your door.


It could also be, no matter how cute your dog is, don’t take him with you on errands.

unless. . .

dog pooper scooper

No, still not a good idea.


Also if you’re trying to shed the extra holiday pounds, like me, order the salad.

But as far as taking some time to get to know a stranger, discovering an unsung hero, and making a new friend in the process, I think I was able to redeem some of the wasted time.

Miracles of all was being able to clean and pick up my house within an hour, and I even had time to sit and watch a documentary with a couple of friends that came over early.

By taking the time to lighted my burdens, I was able to have a much more meaningful and successful house church and complete my ultimate goal for the day;

inspire people around me.

running for the moment


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Caverns Of The Mind

In Chapter 19 ‘Caverns of the Mind,’ Hallie and her brother are deep in the tunnels under their house. The only difference is Hallie has experienced the Creator’s love and is no longer dragged through life by her fears and doubts. Collin on the other hand is totally controlled by his fears and anger by dwelling with the gnomes who have not only captured him, but he considers them his family.
Hope you enjoy this small part of Chapter 19 as much as I had writing it:ch3 FamilySecrets

Caverns Of The Mind

The insect’s back had a hard outer shell, like the hood of a car. Riding on Aunt J’s horses back at the ranch was completely different from this experience. The long, graceful strides of the insect’s arms and legs made Hallie’s body twist and sway, making it almost impossible to get into a fluid rhythm.
She wielded a lit torch like a sword, slicing into the ever-encroaching darkness and defying it to swallow her whole. Her experience in the Creator’s realm had given her a renewed mind, changing her thoughts of fear and doubt to that of hope and adventure. She was ready to take on any challenge in finding her brother.
Hallie inspected every chiseled-out piece of wall for clues but found none. Not until they turned a corner.
A faint light illuminated the end of the long corridor. Making their way down towards the light, she saw random carved-out prison cells with worn iron bars locked shut. Hallie stopped her ride to hop off and get a closer look. Shining the torch into the first cell, she found nothing but a few rats eating from a tin can.
When she examined the next cell, her light caught a glimmer of an intricately designed piece of jewelry. She stretched out her free arm as far as it would reach through the bars and just barely grabbed the object and pulled it to herself.
It was black and yellow, frosted in shimmering stripes of fine powdered diamonds. She twirled the elaborate rendition of a caterpillar in her hand. The elongated character spiraled around and curved slightly upward, like an earring clip that is made to wrap around the outside of the ear. It was one of the prettiest pieces of jewelry Hallie had ever seen. She tried it on and it fit perfectly.
Hallie placed her torch through the bars of the cell and examined the cell walls. Extreme textures of light and shadow everywhere illuminated carved-out writing. Words were written over and over throughout all three walls:
The mantra covered every inch of the walls. Some parts were smudged with a bloody finger- or handprint. This person must have quite literally worked his or her fingers to the bone.
Reading the words brought a sobering reality to Hallie of the depths of people’s wounds. Who would be so cruel as to lock someone away and never release them from their stigma, withholding love, until they became insane with guilt and shame?
During a conversation she had had with Charisma one day about forgiving her dad, Charisma had said, “Did you know the Hebrew word for ‘forgiveness’ means ‘to let go’?”
Wow, how ironic. Someone had literally kept this person locked up, and forgiveness would have been the key. Except when we forgive someone else, letting the hurts go and no longer being chained up with them really is the key.

I wrote about several prison cells; each one holding a different lesson about what imprisons us in our own lives. The first one that I posted here was a powerful revelation I had discovered about forgiveness. If forgiveness means to let go, then if we don’t, we are not only imprisoning the one who hurt us but we are locking ourselves up with that person as well. If you don’t believe me, try thinking of the person you have unforgiveness towards. I bet it is easy to picture them so closely that you can feel all the anger and hurts bubbling up inside of you. The only way to free yourself from them is to release them. In this particular prison cell the one writing was locked away with guilt and unforgiveness of herself. If your like me than your harder on yourself than anyone else. The key in opening the prison cell is to receive forgiveness and to believe the power in it. Once you have asked forgiveness it is like taking the key and opening the door. The problem we have many times is we either don’t believe the key worked or that we don’t deserve to be free, so we stay inside our cells and repeat the mantra, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I’ll do whatever you want, please don’t leave me hear,” and in all reality we have left ourselves their.
There is a favorite scripture verse for this scenario. It is, “He who the son sets free, is free indeed.”

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Soul Searching

Had my first book signing at Barnes and Nobles yesterday before my friend and illustrator, Nick moved away. It was so fun to see our book in their bookstore. I don’t know what was more exciting, hearing my name mentioned over the loudspeaker, or offered a free coffee from their in house Starbucks. Actually, their pumpkin spice latte was not in yet, so honestly seeing our book displayed next to the Dr. Who paraphernalia was pretty epic. We sold about 15 books or so, and signed for about 3 hours straight. Nick, like always was the rock star everyone flocks to. They are mesmerized by his art work, and rightfully so. He tries to tell them about the book but they would rather tell him how amazing he is. I roll my eyes at him, but secretly I hope it is sinking in this time, so he will finally believe he is as brilliant as they say.

There were great conversations stirring and many wonderful friends that came to support us making it feel like a mini party. The great response was partly do to God answering my plea for lots of rain so people would feel like going to a bookstore and reading instead of camping on Labor day weekend.  I started to feel a little guilty when as I was signing peoples books and they would tell me they were headed out to the lake or out of town but it just seemed like a reading day so they came here instead.

Chapter 18 is called Soul Searching because Hallie must search her soul to find her abducted brother. In this chapter every item has a symbolic meaning. From the crimson rose petal that symbolize our bleeding heart, to the tears of our magnificent Creator that rains down to wash away our hurts with his own compassion. When we realize He mourns over what we do and He has the strength to change the circumstances then we can dance over our adversity.

In the previous paragraphs Hallie’s spirit has been taken up to heavenly realms where she has seen the level of warring angels and demons over her brother and then finally to the Creator’s throne room to actually see the face of God in a celestial constellation.

Chapter 18 “Soul Searching”


Hallie looked down and saw pavement—her spirit inhabiting her body once more—but the earlier notes had fulfilled a masterpiece of completion inside her thoughts. Closing her eyes to drink in the amazing revelations she had just experienced, she felt the soft summer wind caressing her cheek in the fresh darkness, gently guiding her down the road towards the forest. She continued on the path until she waltzed by an inviting walkway with an elaborate arched trellis covered in red, climbing rose bushes. The rich fragrance called to her senses, and she continued the journey onward.


 In front of the two tall pillars on each side of the entrance were large bleeding-heart bushes, abundant in lavender heart-shaped flowers. A sign above the trellis read Crudus Amore, Latin for “bleeding love.” As Hallie passed through the archway of roses, the curling wind scattered red petals, which gently floated down, landing upon her. They melted like large snowflakes of blood, staining her white T-shirt. As the crimson droplets continued to seep into her clothing, an intense pain of brokenness stabbed her heart. At this moment the sign above made complete sense. Looking at the thorns twisted among the prize-winning blossoms brought thoughts of her brother, whom she deeply loved, twisted up in torment, lost and out of reach. The thorns pierced and tore at her haggard emotions, and Hallie grabbed her chest and stumbled through the tunnel of roses, doubling over in pain with a new understanding of what her brother was feeling at this moment.


When she finally reached the end, just above her head a supernatural rain cloud welcomed her. Static electric charges of lightning had built up inside, making it flash and glow, until the intense energy released in a loud thunderclap. A soft and refreshing rain poured down and drenched Hallie, washing away the stains. The rain soaked into her skin until it saturated her heart.


Then the rain called out to her, “We are tears that formed from the heart’s cry of the great Creator over your family’s brokenness.” The penetrating rain dripped into deep, torn crevices of her wounds and healed like a cool salve on a burning scrape.


She was not alone in her pain. The Creator wept and cared for Collin even more than she could understand, and His pain washed away her own. His compassion overshadowed and protected her passage.


The rain turned delightfully warm mixed with the night air. Her healed heart soared, and she danced with hands outstretched, full of joy. She could still feel her Creator twirling her spirit under the heaven’s skies.


A warm and gusty breeze blew, and her dancing subsided along with the rain as her once-soaked body quickly dried. Standing still against the powerful wind, Hallie was directed by the whispers carried on it to a dry and barren forest, full of bony, outstretched branches that covered a vast distance. She walked closer. The trees became a labyrinth of mazes, and she followed the dry wind through the path. The limbs glowed white as they reflected the moon’s mysterious sheen





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A Sketchy Situation

Journal 56In this chapter I am introducing Collin (The protagonist) to his creation. Depending on how you view this from a psychological viewpoint or supernatural perspective (It is entirely up to the reader’s to decide), his black and white drawings come alive. Even though they are only 2 dimensional, they still talk and strike fear into Collin and his sister. In earlier chapters Collin has been drawing his greedy uncle into a creature trying to work out his unresolved anger and hurt from this scary old man who has been the root of his own father’s coldness.

Chapter 17:

“A Sketchy Situation”


Deep-throated wheezing vibrated the twigs under Collin’s ears. His eyes flickered awake, and his heart began racing. Springing up and squinting his eyes past his brain fog, the teen tried to dial into what was making that hideous sound. He sat completely still, straining his ears. It sounded like a dying old man breathing through built-up mucus.

There it was! Collin’s eyes caught a glimpse of a beastly silhouette crawling in front of the torchlight, making it blink. A shiver trickled down his back as if ice had been dropped down his shirt. The shadowy, round form filled up the whole space inside the tunnel, blocking the cave’s entrance. Eight elongated black hooks tiptoed down into the pit toward where Collin had been sleeping.

Collin’s face contorted, and he flailed his head back and forth, with damp hair sticking to the side of his face. His bruised arms ached from being pulled and dragged the night before, and his legs quivered under his weight. He looked down at the twig bed for a better hiding place. Bile shot up his throat at what the torchlight exposed. His “bed” was held together by sticky white fibers that covered gangrenous and half-devoured, bloated carcasses. Human arms and limbs were strewn about, mixed with huge rubies and emeralds, gold and silver coins sticking out of the thick white webbing.

He had been sleeping in that creature’s nest. Collin cupped his hands too late as bile spewed out among the pungent odor of death that oozed from where he stood. He backed away. A rubbery hand reached up from a pile of bones on the edge of the nest and snatched his foot. Then the dying hand lost its strength and released Collin, but not before the boy tripped backwards, landing on his butt. Collin arched his body up on his hands and feet. The teen’s fingers had poked into decomposing flesh. He crawled in reverse like a madman until he reached the edge of the creature’s nest. His whole body trembled like a struck bell, but he strained and twisted until he pulled himself up.

Don’t think about it, don’t picture it, just get out!

Stepping over a decaying skill to hop over the edge, he crouched out of sight of the beast. The ominous creature continued its methodical descent. The disgusting, mucus-filled snorting of the monster’s breath accompanied its drool, which spattered even to where Collin hid. It stopped dead in its tracks, looming over the trembling teen. Collin let out  a barely audible gasp as he stared into the face of his own creation. The repulsive features on the creature’s face were undeniably those of his greed uncle, but the eyes where milky white. The body was in every intricate detail that of the black widow spider he had “trapped” his uncle in. His sadistic drawing had come to life.

What kind of hell have I gotten myself into? He searched his mind for some sort of reasonable explanation but found none. He was trapped in a nightmare his own imagination had provided. His uncle’s face drew a devilish smirk, showing a few of his mangled teeth, as the spider spoke. “Where are you, Collin?” You sniveling little puke. I can smell you’re close. . .fear puts off a great odor. I used to smell it on those poor businessmen just before I devoured their livelihoods. I also sucked the heart and soul out of your dad, leaving him as only a shell of a man.”

Collin, crouching low to the ground, began convulsing uncontrollably.


Sometimes the fears we must face are the very ones we created ourselves. You’ve probably heard the saying, “You’ve made your bed now sleep in it.” In Collin’s situation the ‘bed’ he made to sleep in was volatile. It is so hard at times to unearth what is buried beneath, in the depths of our hearts. We must discover what is there before we can clean it out. I have learned in life we can either grab a shovel and start trying to dig our way out, or ask for help.

Jesus knocked on my hearts door over 20 years ago and asked to come inside to do the work for me. When I asked Him for His credentials He shared with me how He created me, formed me in my mother’s womb, and then He gave His life willingly so I can experience true life and Joy to the fullness that He intended. Needless to say I gave Him the messy job. He not only cleaned out all of my hurts and addictions, He filled my heart with Joy, peace, and a confidence in who I am. Sometimes the two-dimensional monsters of fear and hurts come around but because I know who I am I can truly laugh at them and blow them away.

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A Journey with Creation

I am very excited to announce that Tunneling is finally done and available to buy on line. If you have enjoyed any of these snippets of chapters I have been posting, now you can have your own copy. Feel free to post questions or comments about the book as well.

In Chapter 13, Hallie is feeling God’s very nature calling out to her by using the His amazing creation. I feel this pull every time I go for a walk in the woods or paddle a kayak down a winding river. What is it about nature that calms our souls and refreshes our spirits? Does anyone else feel it as well?

Chapter 13
“Hallie’s Journey”
He rustled through the gigantic cedars in the forest and played a tune on the gurgling brook in the base of the canyon. Everything He touched became a gift made for a specific child.
He knew each of His children by name. Whether they had been born yet or not was a mere formality—they were already a reality in His mind.
The Creator placed pictures of Himself into every rock, creature, and living thing for His children to discover. He sometimes gift-wrapped His creations in nature, oftentimes in a rainbow, sunrise, or sunset. Unbound by time, He waited just outside the comfort of their homes for them to open up their lives to the many gifts He had made just for them.
Sometimes, when they were hesitant to open their doors to Him, He would knock. If they listened, they might hear, “It’s okay. It’s Me, and I want to share My very nature—the core of My existence—with you.” Other times when He knocked, that child would hear, “I’ve heard your tears at night. Let Me into your life, to hold you, to protect you.”
This morning the Creator, knowing the path His beloved would take, waited in full confidence that Hallie would find Him.


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Captured Moments

Don’t you just love capturing the relaxing moments in life and soaking in the magic and wonder of enjoying your loved ones without worry and fear. To me the best way is at the ocean. The powerful waves remind me someone bigger than me holds my life together so I can let all my worries and frets go and just be hypnotized by the amazing roar of the surf.

In chapter 11 of Tunneling, the Brandon’s are experiencing the same magic, and maybe a spark of a little something else. Hope you enjoy this excerpt from the next chapter called, “Captured Moments.”

Chapter 11:

As soon as Katie’s eyes locked on to the ocean, a peace as thick as the fog rolled over her, and all of her cares dropped off her shoulders like vacationers dropping overloaded suitcases.

Collin ran out for a long pass as Hallie threw half her body into hurling the Frisbee out to him. Jumping up, he caught it right before it reached the water’s edge. Her son locked eyes with her, including her in the game.

“Mom, wake up!” He flung the disc, and she surprised them by catching it behind her back. Her kids hooted and hollered for her. She laughed out loud and watched her children loosen up for the first time in months. Katie’s eyes watered as she watched Collin snatch the Frisbee from his sister and run away backwards for her to chase him.

“Hey, Mom, think fast!” Collin yelled and hurled the disc back at her.

She grabbed it, and they tossed it back and forth with Hallie jumping in the middle to try to snag it. After about an hour of back-and-forth monkey-in-the-middle, Katie noticed a man flying an elaborate kite.

“I’m going to bow out and take some pictures for a while.” She ran back to get her camera and before heading to the kite saw Hallie and Collin jogging over to the bizarre-shaped rock formations Katie remembered from her youth. They were bent over looking into some holes that must have filled up with water. She snapped a few pictures of her kids tidepooling and knew that would keep them busy for a while. How many anemones and starfish had she found when she was a kid out here? Too many to keep track of.

The gracefulness of the kite, which looked like a huge swallowtail, mesmerized Katie. The bright turquoise and reds danced on the wind currents with the two extended whimsical tails swirling delicately behind.

After taking fifty or so pictures, she set her focus on the tall, thin man flying the wild bird on a string. He had a weathered, scruffy face and piercing blue eyes that were intent on following the swerving kite. Even his worn jeans matched his disheveled but stylish hair.

Everything about this moment was picture perfect. As she clicked away, she became more intrigued with every detail of the man, until he turned to her and those brilliant blue eyes stared into hers. She shivered and on an impulse, shot the picture, then jumped back as if caught stealing his soul without permission.

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Roots of Discord

COVERI wrote this chapter to show the correlation between Collin’s anger and his room. Only when the angry emotions hurl his door closed, does the room come to life. Vines are amazing creatures. I have them all over my back yard. And like Collin who planted them by his anger, I have literally planted them just out of my pure fascination with them. After one week these baby vines have already stretched out there wispy green stems and curled around my fence. Collin’s anger is wrapping around everything in his life, and getting entangled into every area where he dwells.
Hope you enjoy reading this small expert of this chapter as much as I liked writing it:


Chapter 9
Roots of Discord
He slammed the heavy basement door, which boomed shut and jump-started a pulse in the room, literally bringing it to life. The pale, paper-thin wall displayed branches of wild vines that reverberated just underneath the white-washed paint like an old man’s veins bulging from his frail skin.
Collin saw a shock wave from the corner of his eye. “What the—”
He whirled around to catch a glimpse of the throbbing walls and forgot his anger as cold sweat broke out in tiny beads on his forehead, sending chills down to his clammy palms. The bag of chips slipped from his grip, spilling potato shavings everywhere. He reached out to touch the wall with his tremulous hand and groped the damp barrier. The wall breathed—he actually felt it sigh. “How the freak is this happening?”
Collin traced the main branch of vine behind the paint until his hand swept against an invisible ridge. Shaking his head, he followed the hairline crevice of a small rectangular outline.
“It has to be some kinda door.” The sound of his voice echoing against the walls reassured him that he was really here and experiencing something supernatural. Collin dug with his fingertips, trying to grasp the door enough to pull it open. Instead he encountered a whisper of a vine that pushed its way through the crack.
Yanking his hands back, Collin wiped his drenched palms on his threadbare jeans and squinted his eyes to get a better look and make sense of it all. It’s just like the one I found upstairs wrapped around my desk.
An icy cold shiver ran up his spine, and his neck hairs froze.
The whole house is infested with this stuff. It’s flippin’ everywhere! Stretching his arm once more, he tugged at the fragile green cord until it broke off in his hand. Tickling his palm, it instantly withered and died. Collin made a fist, crushing the ashen remains to dust. As he watched the dust particles fall, a sinking weight punched him in the gut. He was equally dead and lifeless, separated from his own family.

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