Does God Still Heal?

church outside the four walls

I would like to inspire you today with an exciting testimony that Jesus still heals today,
even when we don’t deserve it:
For the last couple of years I have noticed my hearing has gotten much worse. I couldn’t hear my kids when they would talk right in front of me unless I could watch their lips move, we would have to watch movies with the captions on, and if there was any background noise I couldn’t even hear the sound of people’s voices. I was walking into Sam’s club and noticed a sign giving free hearing tests. When I sat in the room and waited for them to administer the test, I finally heard them say, “Could you not hear any of that?” They had been talking to me for a while and I had heard nothing. They charted my hearing and were amazed at how bad it was for someone my age. They said I would definitely need two hearing aids.
Last week while getting ready to go to the Glory conference in Sedona, Eric apparently told me he would be waiting in the car. Finally he ran upstairs exasperated and yelled out, “we’re late! Why didn’t you come to the car?” We got in the car and I played the handicap card,
“How can you be mad at a handicap person.” Then I thought about it on the drive,
“If we didn’t deserve salvation, but Jesus saved us than even though I blew out my eardrums as a kid with rock music, I think He has enough grace to heal me too.”
That was the statement of the day. We got there as David Herzog was ministering. He apparently called people to stand that had hearing problems, and of course I couldn’t hear him so Eric had to elbow me to stand up. When I walked to the isle David told me to stand in a certain spot where he could see a ministering angel. When I got to that exact spot I felt a current flowing is the best way I know to explain it. When he prayed for me I literally flew back 3 or 4 rows. I can now hear my kids chatter, movies I now turn down because they hurt my ears, and While worshiping at the conference, even right in front of the speaker I could hear Todd White talking to David. I am so overwhelmed with joy to have my hearing back and want to inspire you that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is no respecter of persons. He desires to heal you, and has the power to do it 


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