Keys of Possibilities


After you take some time to dream, I want to inspire you to find a door that represents your dreams.

There are keys to open heaven here on earth, and there are keys to lock up what heaven has the power to lock up.

Have you peeked through a key hole as a child wanting to know what mysteries where hidden on the other side?

As an adult, you were then given the keys to open or lock up those same doors. You could pass through whenever you wanted to, and had the power to lock it up as well.

This is the same principle in God’s kingdom as well. As we mature we go from peeking into the promises of God to opening heaven and locking out hell. God is entrusting you with the keys. What doors will you open and what doors will you shut?

“Let your will be done as it is in Heaven!”

“Whatever you bind here is already bound in heaven, and whatever you loosen is already loosed in heaven.”

I inspire you to bring some keys with you while you pray each morning and start binding and loosening (opening and closing doors).

What doors would you like to close,

and what doors would you like to open?


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February 9, 2014 · 3:36 pm

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