Let’s inspire!

I had a friend of mine tell me a funny story about her husband coming home after a hard day “at work. He sat with her at the kitchen table pouring out his troubles when their six-year-old daughter walked in and listened for a while. She interrupted her dad with this question; “Did anyone spit on you dad?””No honey, why?” was the dads response.”Well. they spit on Jesus, and then they whipped him like a gazillion times, then they stuck a crown of thorns on his head and nailed him to a cross.” and then she walked off to play with her little brother.The husband turned to my friend,  “Well apparently I didn’t have as a bad day as I thought.”I still laugh about this years later, but the video I want to share with you might just have the same effect.

But I really don’t want you to feel that way.

I want you to see deeper into the real meaning of this man’s inspirational words.

His life is a profound example of the power of hope.

ted talks hope




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2 responses to “Let’s inspire!

  1. He is one inspirational speaker… Diane

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