Wisdom From Winnie

 pooh birthday I am turning six years old tomorrow and I don’t think I will ever get to sleep, “Please dad just one more adventure in the hundred acre woods?”

    My Dad looks like a Portuguese fisherman with his pipe and dark beard. When he smiles the ruddy glow in his cheeks catch the glimmer of the roaring fire near our rocking chair.

     He chuckles, “Ok, just one more, we have a big day planned for you with treasure hunts and pin the tale on Eeyore.”


      I did finally fall asleep, somewhere between Rabbit trying to loose Tigger  in the woods, and Tigger rescuing Rabbit instead. 

     The birthday was a dream come true since Pooh bear is my very favorite story, and everywhere I looked there was pictures of him; from my cake, to the paper plates, and even my dress.

     The treasure hunt ended in quite the adventure as well,  since one of the boys (I didn’t invite) hit a yellow jacket hive with a stick and swarms of these devilish bees dive bombed all of us girls, as we ran screaming  into the house. 

   winny-the-pooh-bear-love-quoteToday I am 40ish and still have friends from Canaan. N.H. that facebook me about the party with the killer bees.

                                                                     An unforgettable adventure.

      There are lots of other things sweet and wonderful about Pooh bear and his adventures, that would benefit us to remember;

                                              like the way he used his heart to do all of his thinking for him

                                                                   since he said his brain was made of  “fluff.”

            I would like to share some 

                                                      “Wisdom from Winnie.” 

                                                                           pooh rivers 

                                                                                I hope it inspires you while drifting  down Life’s rivers!pooh nothing              May you enjoy the ride! 

         poohisms                                                                                                        brave bear

                                                                                    pooh listening

                                                                                                                        pooh friends                               

How about you?

What was one of your favorite children’s book?

                         Is there anything special you remember about it that still gives you wisdom as an adult?

                                                    pooh quotes



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