God Chasers In the Heart Of A Storm

blooms in hospital

This is a picture of an old abandoned hospital.

I wrote this poem after visiting loved ones in the ICU unit,and after saying goodbye to a wonderful brother-in-law this last month.

I know I am not alone in sorrows, and would bet my new Dr. Who coffee mug,

that you have walked through some doors of pain as well.

I’m also betting my other cherished Christmas gifts, that you are also looking around for a light switch of hope to brighten the dismal room.

If so, I dedicate this poem to you 🙂

The God Chasers

I see your reflection in every life I touch.
Your beautiful bruised and scarred flesh,
speaks encyclopedias of knowledge,
I couldn’t hold up a candle to posses.

We are the God chasers,
rushing to every voice that carries your name.
Every miracle that rises out of lazy boy chairs.
like a hound dog on the hunt,
we breath in the weighty Glory of your presence.

I found you again in the hospital room,
crying out for a better way.
I discovered you once more,
filling in the shadowy void of loving husband,
faithful father, and vibrant friend.

We keep experiencing your Glory up on the mountain tops,
but really finding your soul buried deep in the hearts of
the broken.

We touch you,
when we touch your beloved.
We see your reflection of compassion
looking back at us.
“Did you bring back my Glory with you
when you encountered Me up on the mountain?
Bring it here.
Touch me here.
Heal me here.
Because when you do it to my child,
you do it to me.”

Pamela J. Peterson
11-22-13See More



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2 responses to “God Chasers In the Heart Of A Storm

  1. What a beautiful prayer and expression of faith and thanksgiving… Diane

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