The Heart Of A Child

bat kid

As I woke up the other day, I heard God as He leaned over to various angelic beings and pulled back a curtain that hid our world from His, “Watch and marvel, as mere men, with the heart of Christ, do extraordinary things.”

What kind of things can we do with an immortal heart of the God who stole the keys of hell and rose from the dead?  Probably more than we can even hope or imagine! I believe we are heaven’s marvel comic book heroes when we trust not in our own strength, but the superhuman power of the Creator inside of us; helping us to leap over adversity with a single bound.The world screams help like a bat signal in Gotham city. The broken and hurting victims need help, and the crazy part is we were all created to want to make a difference in this world and to be part of something bigger than ourselves. There is a heart of a child living inside of you that wants to imagine great things for a greater humanity and have the innocence restored to believe we can make that change.

We all secretly want to be the superheroes, and the great news is every act of kindness and compassion we bestow on others is a “marvel” to God.This reminds me of the story of Bat Kid in San Francisco back in November. The Make a Wish foundation asked a 5 year old boy named Miles, who had struggled with leukemia since he was 22 months old (and is now in remission) what was his wish. “To be Batman!” was his unwavering response.

The entire city of San Francisco came together to make this wish come true. If you haven’t seen this you should watch it on you tube.  While watching what 12,000 people lining a city street looked like holding signs of support for this adorable pint size Batman as he ran past them to apprehend the Riddler, I realized (besides the fact I just wrote the longest run on sentence known to mankind;), the powerful good we can do when we all come together.

Yes, this world has villains. But do you realize the power we posses with global communications and the right structure to overtake evil with good? When I looked out over the river of compassionate human beings, I saw a lot more than just one superhero out there. Now it’s our turn.

What can we do?

How do we unite?

What kinds of specific structures are already set up out there that we can participate in?

Miles could have never been bat kid if people did not rally around the cause. I am so sick and tired of hearing about another shooting in our schools, or loosing another teen to suicide.

Yes, I will agree hatred is a powerful force, but the power of Love and Compassion supersedes it!

I would like to know if you are willing to link together and save the day!



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2 responses to “The Heart Of A Child

  1. I believe one way we can ‘link’ is to do acts of kindness and compassion every day and hope that the recipient of such acts will in turn want to pass them on themselves to someone else…. Diane

    • pamela

      agreed. A friend of mine just told me their church has people volunteer to have study and prayer sessions for after school care that the kids can go to. They have seen a big improvement in the kids. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could set up an internet connection like they do for match making, but it would be for people who want to volunteer. All we would have to do is type in the kind of volunteer work and hours you would want. Then it would connect you with the right involvement for your area and expertise.

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