Crawling Out

How do you crawl out of your troubles?

In chapter 22 Hallie and Collin have to crawl out of the tunnels with their nemesis the great and terrible serpent constricting their every move. The interesting thing is the less they focus on their problems and the more they focus on what’s good, what pure, and what’s helpful, the closer they get to freedom and the smaller their enemy becomes.


Chapter 22  “Crawling Out”

Hallie towed Collin behind her, and they fled through the enormous double doors. 

The tunnels began shifting and twisting, like a dirty rag wringing out muddy water and splintering rocks across their clenched faces. It was then Hallie knew the serpent wouldn’t let them go that easily. Flecks of red scales slithered between cracks in the collapsing rocks. The serpent encompassed the exact channel Hallie and her brother were escaping through and began to do what snakes do best: constrict. The siblings braced themselves against the dirt wall, but the wringing and twisting seemed to transfer inside their bodies and leave them helpless to make it stop.

They crawled through on their bellies, clawing at rocks to pull themselves onward toward an end. But no end was in sight. Hallie kept putting one torn-up arm in front of the other as she let her mind escape back to Charisma’s home as the red scales seemed to shrink.

She was in the backyard under the canopy that housed all those species of butterflies, from elaborate, blue shimmering ones to the common orange monarchs. As she watched all the flowers in bloom around her, two very tiny and delicate yellow butterflies tumbled around each other while fluttering through bouquets. Charisma smiled while pointing to them. “A flutterby is just like wisdom, dropping in on your life so gracefully, compelling you to follow in its path. One minute it enters into view, and another moment it flies away. When we study it and remember how remarkable it is, not forgetting its magnificent presence, it metamorphoses our lives, and we can never go back to the ignorance of crawling when wisdom has given us a much higher vantage point.”

The walls only trembled now. Had the serpent tired?


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