Wisdom in Waterfalls


I dreamed up this chapter from an amazing hike in Oregon my husband and I took down to a refreshing pool of water made from a powerful waterfall. During this hike the Creator was talking continuously. In this chapter I merely recorded all of His wisdom He shared with me. It was quite a magical time, from conversing with butterflies to sitting and listening to an  ancient tree tell tales of his childhood. 

Chapter 14 

“Wisdom In Waterfalls”

Up ahead was the footbridge with a sign that read redemption’s bridge. Jagged rocks jutted hundreds of feet below, and the other mountain was over two hundred feet across the ravine, but no other way to the waterfall seemed possible. The name began to make sense. She could not pass through the mountainous rocks to get to the other side without this bridge. It was the link that carried her over from yesterday’s mistakes to the cleansing power on the other side.

Hallie held onto the roped banister to guide her steps till she reached the end. Promise welcomed her on the other side. Full sun shining, birds flying, and a gentle meandering path rolled out a carpet of adventure.

Her thoughts formed in such poetic speech to the One who Charisma said had made all this by His creative handiwork that she surprised herself, and she poured her cares out before Him from the deepest part of her heart.

“Creator, I feel You tugging at my soul, like a friend pulling me onto a thrilling carnival ride. At the top of this mountainous rollercoaster, I chase my butterflies down, gaining momentum with each leap of faith. I reach my arms out to You, and there is no one to cheapen this moment. I am all Yours, and the rush of love I feel from You is like a storm of warm tropical winds that wrap around my frame to set my heart in the right direction. No endurance needed, just flying down the hills of promise as a young girl runs into the arms of her father. Will You be there at the bottom to catch me?”

I attached this small part of the chapter to share in the allegory of REDEMPTIONS BRIDGE. I always picture Jesus as the bridge between our failures and shortcomings to God’s righteousness and promises. Just like the mountainous cliffs in Tunneling without a way to pass from one side to the other, we also cannot pass to perfection without accepting what Christ did on the cross. He was the true sacrifice that paid for all of our sins and willingly gave us a new start.


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