A Journey with Creation

I am very excited to announce that Tunneling is finally done and available to buy on line. If you have enjoyed any of these snippets of chapters I have been posting, now you can have your own copy. Feel free to post questions or comments about the book as well.

In Chapter 13, Hallie is feeling God’s very nature calling out to her by using the His amazing creation. I feel this pull every time I go for a walk in the woods or paddle a kayak down a winding river. What is it about nature that calms our souls and refreshes our spirits? Does anyone else feel it as well?

Chapter 13
“Hallie’s Journey”
He rustled through the gigantic cedars in the forest and played a tune on the gurgling brook in the base of the canyon. Everything He touched became a gift made for a specific child.
He knew each of His children by name. Whether they had been born yet or not was a mere formality—they were already a reality in His mind.
The Creator placed pictures of Himself into every rock, creature, and living thing for His children to discover. He sometimes gift-wrapped His creations in nature, oftentimes in a rainbow, sunrise, or sunset. Unbound by time, He waited just outside the comfort of their homes for them to open up their lives to the many gifts He had made just for them.
Sometimes, when they were hesitant to open their doors to Him, He would knock. If they listened, they might hear, “It’s okay. It’s Me, and I want to share My very nature—the core of My existence—with you.” Other times when He knocked, that child would hear, “I’ve heard your tears at night. Let Me into your life, to hold you, to protect you.”
This morning the Creator, knowing the path His beloved would take, waited in full confidence that Hallie would find Him.



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  1. That’s Awesome! Congratulations!

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