Captured Moments

Don’t you just love capturing the relaxing moments in life and soaking in the magic and wonder of enjoying your loved ones without worry and fear. To me the best way is at the ocean. The powerful waves remind me someone bigger than me holds my life together so I can let all my worries and frets go and just be hypnotized by the amazing roar of the surf.

In chapter 11 of Tunneling, the Brandon’s are experiencing the same magic, and maybe a spark of a little something else. Hope you enjoy this excerpt from the next chapter called, “Captured Moments.”

Chapter 11:

As soon as Katie’s eyes locked on to the ocean, a peace as thick as the fog rolled over her, and all of her cares dropped off her shoulders like vacationers dropping overloaded suitcases.

Collin ran out for a long pass as Hallie threw half her body into hurling the Frisbee out to him. Jumping up, he caught it right before it reached the water’s edge. Her son locked eyes with her, including her in the game.

“Mom, wake up!” He flung the disc, and she surprised them by catching it behind her back. Her kids hooted and hollered for her. She laughed out loud and watched her children loosen up for the first time in months. Katie’s eyes watered as she watched Collin snatch the Frisbee from his sister and run away backwards for her to chase him.

“Hey, Mom, think fast!” Collin yelled and hurled the disc back at her.

She grabbed it, and they tossed it back and forth with Hallie jumping in the middle to try to snag it. After about an hour of back-and-forth monkey-in-the-middle, Katie noticed a man flying an elaborate kite.

“I’m going to bow out and take some pictures for a while.” She ran back to get her camera and before heading to the kite saw Hallie and Collin jogging over to the bizarre-shaped rock formations Katie remembered from her youth. They were bent over looking into some holes that must have filled up with water. She snapped a few pictures of her kids tidepooling and knew that would keep them busy for a while. How many anemones and starfish had she found when she was a kid out here? Too many to keep track of.

The gracefulness of the kite, which looked like a huge swallowtail, mesmerized Katie. The bright turquoise and reds danced on the wind currents with the two extended whimsical tails swirling delicately behind.

After taking fifty or so pictures, she set her focus on the tall, thin man flying the wild bird on a string. He had a weathered, scruffy face and piercing blue eyes that were intent on following the swerving kite. Even his worn jeans matched his disheveled but stylish hair.

Everything about this moment was picture perfect. As she clicked away, she became more intrigued with every detail of the man, until he turned to her and those brilliant blue eyes stared into hers. She shivered and on an impulse, shot the picture, then jumped back as if caught stealing his soul without permission.


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