New Discoveries

0765388a0122d3133e7ba169c20275e0This is an excerpt from Chapter 5 Titled, “New Discoveries.”

Hallie has finally finished unpacking her room and is exploring the beauty of the Oregon woods near the coast for the first time. As a 15-year-old who has been recently abandoned by her father, Hallie regresses into deep insecurities and low self-worth, until she meets a mysterious neighbor who seems to have some ‘spirited gifts’ to impart. . .

Chapter 5

The hill topped out and she could see a neighbor’s house below, the most elaborate Victorian house she had ever seen. The yellow house trimmed with white had a tall tower in the center with a glass greenhouse roof. A crazy-looking netted circus tent was pinned up in the back yard, almost like someone was trying to hold some of the trees hostage.


Hallie considered walking back the way she had come, but this was her adventure, and she had earned it. Digging her heels into the loose rocks and dirt, she scooted down the embankment toward the house. Hallie looked around for a driveway leading up to the house but couldn’t find one.  As she neared the bottom, her nerves almost gave out as she thought of what to say when she met the person behind the front door. What if it’s some old guy with a gun?


She apprehensively pulled the rope to the fisherman’s bell that served as a doorbell. It worked like a charm. Before Hallie could turn and walk away, the door swung open accompanied by a warm sea breeze.


A kind and elegant woman, with hair the color of snow, greeted her with a smile. This frail lady stared deep into her eyes, as if studying the very core of her existence, and didn’t seem to notice Hallie’s filthy appearance.


“What would you like?” the woman asked in a pleasant, lyrical voice.


It wasn’t what she had asked but rather the way in which she had stated it. She didn’t seem a bit agitated but rather quite the opposite.


The possibilities of what to answer seemed endless. Could this lady actually grant me a wish? A dozen images flashed before Hallie’s eyes: cotton candy . . . to ride a dolphin . . . to find out what this lady had captured in her back yard . . . new friends . . . her life back . . . to be made beautiful. Instead she just settled for, “I just wanted to say ‘hi’ and that my family and I just moved into the house up the hill.”


The elderly lady extended her delicate hand. “Well, hello. I’m Charisma.”  


Hallie asked, “Is that really your name?”


“Yes. It means ‘spirited gifts.’” A playful smile crossed Charisma’s lips along with a fiery sparkle in her deep brown eyes. Mysterious yet entirely transparent.


Hallie couldn’t stop staring at how breathtaking this woman was.When Charisma stared back at Hallie, her searching eyes exposed Hallie’s vulnerability. Hallie couldn’t be anything but completely herself around this lady. No beating around the bush, no idle chitchat, only right to the point would do in her presence. Something fluttered deep in her gut. Is this what hope feels like?


Hallie had to know this amazing woman who made her feel . . . what was it she was feeling now? Confident? Was that even possible? Whatever it was, it was a new experience for her, and she loved it.


Do you find yourself looking at life through tainted glasses. It is as if your own low self-esteem or lack of confidence is filtering out the color of magic from your viewpoint. Wouldn’t it be wondrous if a mystical fairy godmother could wave a wand and take away all of our insecurities and  frailties? Well, I have met this miraculous someone and I created my favorite character Charisma in its likeness. It is God’s Holy Spirit. When you are in It’s presence there is no more fear, anger, or self loathing, because the Holy Spirit reveals your true identity. It is like looking in the mirror, but the image looking back at you is who God sees when He looks at you.

Do you realize God is never in a bad mood, He never puts His hands on His hips and gives a big sigh, “Oh it’s you again! What do you want now? Can’t you see I’m busy?”He is quite the opposite. He is much like Charisma, who welcomes you in and playfully desires to give you your hearts desire. Then as if that wasn’t wonderful enough He allows His Spirit which in the Greek interprets as Charisma; meaning spirited gifts, to impart into you, knowledge, wisdom, healings, and much more to everyone who believes in this amazing God and simply asks for these gifts.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”- Matthew 7:7



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