Meeting The House

book cover

book cover

Hallie and Collin’s mom grew up in this very house that stood before them now. How many stories had they begged Mom to tell them about this mysterious old home. Sometimes Collin would fall asleep at night picturing his insane grandmother’s screams drifting out of her locked bedroom door down the stairs to permeate the entire dwelling. The Brandon’s had just inherited this house, and this was where they would sleep tonight.

Chapter 5

“Meeting the House”

Walking toward the house gave Collin the sensation of stepping back in time and into his mom’s picture. He brushed shoulders with Mom and Hallie as they stopped moving in front of him. Focusing all of his attention on the intimidating presence of the walkway, Collin tripped on the welcome mat then gazed up at the enormous wood door that stood before him.

A little dazed, he righted himself, gaining back position on his feet, and then proceeded to turn the knob. To his surprise, the door opened without a key. The creak of the door echoed through the empty parlor like old, stagnant bones that popped and cracked when awoken after too much sleep.

Collin’s knees trembled a little as he walked through the doorway. He turned just in time to catch the apprehensive look on Mom’s face as she followed closely behind. For a moment he thought he could read her mind: What have I gotten us into? Big mistake. Let’s just turn around and go home.

While writing this chapter memories of my childhood home surrounded me and became my ghost writer. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I grew up in an old New England home that was rebuilt in 1899. It was terrifying, mysterious, and absolutely gorgeous all in the same sweep. I decided this home that took preeminence in my informative years was the perfect symbol for my allegory. Our minds are our dwelling places just like the houses we live inside.  The message I wanted to portray in Tunneling is we all have hurts from our childhood. If we try to suppress them, even if we have moved on, they still dwell somewhere inside, crippling us from living in the freedom and joy we were meant to.  I know it is scary to meet our past head on, but if we take the over powering healing light of Jesus Christ with us, He is the great physician that can remove the festering roots and restore the years we have walked around with a limp.

I am a living testimony of a dwelling once crippled from roots of rejection and abuse now, simply because of the transforming miracle of Christ’s forgiveness and love, I run in a freedom and joy that is intoxicating!


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