A Writer’s Code Of Ethics: Never Censor

In the same passion that Cookie Monster devours his chocolate chips, we, the book enthusiast tear through pages, always hungry for more. We love the pure raw rage of a cornered teen finding out their strengths for the first time, and the soft spoken demeanor of a proper Brit. in the 18th century. We hold our place between the musty pages with bookmarkers labeled, ‘Never censored!’After reading a young adult book, “The Rotter’s” (Which I loved his description of life, but hated the filth of the sickening life of grave diggers). I poured myself a cup of joe and had a heart to heart with my 22 yr. old spoken poet about to censor or not to censor. Half of his lip raised in a crooked smile, “Oh the tangled web we weave. We never, never want to censor books.”After being schooled by my son about how the government would like nothing better than to censor everything we read, just like many holocausts and communistic countries. I told him,”Ok that’s all fascinating but if I’m reading a YA fiction I don’t want to read about grave diggers doing it with dead people.” I think we should at least be able to have ratings on books like we do for movies. Warnings on the back cover before we get so wrapped up into these amazing characters that there is no turning back. 

So I am asking you to join our coffee talk discussion about book censoring.

What do you think? Should we censor or not? Or would you like to see books rated or not?


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One response to “A Writer’s Code Of Ethics: Never Censor

  1. I would think that rating a book like a movie is would be the way to go. I sure wouldn’t want to read something like you describe!…Diane

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