Strength Out Of Weakness

oriental lady clay potsOnce upon a time there lived a soft spoken and caring Asian woman. Her morning routine always started out with drawing water from the local well with her two clay pots. She had strategically tied these pots onto a bamboo poll so she could lift them onto her shoulders and carry them all the way back to her home. The sad truth about one of these pots is it was marred with a crack that would constantly leak the water so by the time it reached her home it was empty.  How utterly useless this pot felt. It tried with all it’s might to hold itself together and not leak, but one particular day after leaking water like tears it decided to speak to it’s master. “I am so sorry I have failed you for all these years and could never be the vessel of honor that your other pot has been for you. Please replace me for a pot to serve you better. I’m not good for anything, just worthless clay.”

The compassionate woman spoke back to her clay pot. “I knew you were cracked and that is why I bought you. You have served me well, for while I was traveling the very first morning to purchase you I planted flower seeds all along the way. You have been watering them every day. Don’t you see the beauty you have left behind the path you have faithfully taken with me daily? The flowers you have help me water have been what I cut and bring to market to sell. Because of you being who you are I have food to eat and can provide for my family.”

flowered path

2 Corinthians 12:9 “My strength is made perfect in weakness”


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