Breakfast Of Champions For The Super bowl

I haven’t posted a recipe in a long time so I felt one was due. In honor of the super bowl fans out there I decided to give you my favorite protein breakfast. I adapted this from a personal trainer. At the time I was lifting weights daily and had to eat four egg whites and oatmeal every morning. the thought still makes me sick. So I figured out a way to get my protein and enjoy it too. A made it into a pancake. Now a days I’m only lifting twice a week, and the rest of the days I’m just lifting my computer on my lap typing furiously to meet my deadline of Easter release date for my first novel, Tunneling.

My favorite breakfast food is pancakes but if I have them for breakfast I end up craving sweets for the rest of the day, so this protein pancake is adapted for the zone diet as a 3 block meal, which means there is the exact balance of protein, carb, and fat to keep insulin from spiking.

Here’s to eating healthy, and to the Patriots winning the super bowl!

Wait are the Patriots not playing ;)?

Protein Pancake

(If you have a magic bullet put the egg whites in first, and whip for a minute. then add all other ingredients and whip until blended)

  • 1/2 c. egg whites (enough for 2 eggs)
  • 1/4 low fat cottage cheese
  • 1/2 c. slow cooking oats (you can blend them into flour ahead of time, but I just put it in with everything else into my magic bullet and it blends it perfectly)
  • dash of cinn.
  • splash of vanilla
  1. Blend all together
  2. I like to put a tsp. of coconut oil in the pan to cook mine to add healthy fat to mine. If not you can just spray a non stick pan with butter spray (PAM).
  3. cover and let sit for a min. or two and then flip. I like to add a handful of frozen blueberries or fresh blackberries to the pancake before I flip it.
You can add 1/4 of pumkin to this mix or unsweetened apple sauce. You can top it with peanut butter, pure maple syrup or honey. I use a small amount of sugar free syrup.

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