Words I have gathered throughout a lifetime for my son’s 22nd birthday


The Poet Who Bought Words


The Poet rounded the bend in his life,

discovering a trail of unfinished works.

He began to feel the down hill slope of finality

“I have only owned a stanza of success,

and a paragraph of companionship.

Sadly I fear I am out of words.”


A sojourner overheard the Poet and picked up the pace

to catch him in his race against time.

He informed the Poet,

You must first purchase these words,

to truly write about such importance.”


In search for true success

the Poet journeyed down a winding dirt road

and tried desperately to create castles out of tree limbs and debris.

He was able to purchase understanding with his humility of failure.

Pressing onward he found others trying to do the exact same thing.

Only instead of cashing in there failures for understanding they stubbornly

continued to build a bigger mess.

Not only were they loosing words but their wares.

The Poet took the time to show the lost it was a dead end they pursued.

As he helped them find their way he was able to purchase success with

the compassion he gained.


The Poet then had to walk through a fire to purchase

the word refinement.

He also fought a war to purchase

the word freedom.

all along the journey he discovered many rocky and hard pressed hills.

 While other pastures were trodden peaceful and joyous,

He purchased many words,

so at the end of his road, before he left it all behind,

He had truly owned the experiences from his repertoire of poetry.

these finished masterpieces left behind a guidepost along the trail
for other unfinished travelers.



By Pamela J. Peterson


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One response to “Words I have gathered throughout a lifetime for my son’s 22nd birthday

  1. Really wonderful poetry…Diane

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