Children Of Compassion

children of compassionI was laying with my fifteen year old daughter last week, before she went to sleep. A ritual that started since she was two. We were discussing  Thomas Hobbes and his philosophies to help prepare her for an AP History exam. If there is anyone out there like me who thought Hobbes was Calvin’s best friend in a cartoon strip, I will elaborate:

Hobbes wanted us to consider what life would be like in a state of nature, that is, a condition without government. Perhaps we would imagine that people might fare best in such a state, where each decides for herself how to act, and is judge, jury and executioner in her own case whenever disputes arise.  Hobbes termed this situation “the condition of mere nature”, a state of perfectly private judgment, in which there is no agency with recognized authority to arbitrate disputes and effective power to enforce its decisions.

Over 300 years later in light of the atrocity  in Connecticut I would also like to shed a trembling  candle up to the above “condition of mere nature.”  I will ask you to give serious consideration to our society that is being molded and developed not in the loving arms of compassionate parents as much as the media flooding us with bloodied tools to fulfill our own selfish passions. One man’s sin effects a world of pain, but one man’s unselfish compassion can heal a multitude of sin.

When I heard of these  children gunned down I was deeply saddened as I know in my heart all of you reading this were. Then I was overcome by what I truly believe now was a vision of encouragement God gave me last sunday:

I was lifting my hands during a worship song at our church before my husband got up to preach.  I spotted an explosive white light like a sonic boom and then I saw my spirit climbing up a jewel encrusted tunnel toward the light. Two hands touched my own and lifted me up. I was standing face to face with Jesus(I know I sound like a crazy person, or maybe your thinking about me like I did when I read The Shack, “What! God’s a big black woman named papa?”) Any how What I felt that next moment I never felt before and I know my experience was incredibly real. Jesus hugged me and the warmth of pure, powerful love permeated me. He then invited me inside of him, I watched as my spirit traveled into His mouth and I could feel what it was like to literally ‘try on Jesus’ like a garment. I then saw life through His eyes and felt things that He felt. He walked us over to a simple grass field with scattered wildflowers. There were a circle of around 20 children sitting in the grass. All of them were 5-6 years of age. Jesus stood next to one and playfully tapped him on his head and shouted, “your it!” then ran around the circle while the boy leaped up and chased Jesus. All the children were giggling and laughing and some were shouting, “Go, go, go, sit down quick!” Jesus, of course beat him. Because, after all, He is the saviour of the world;}. As soon as he sat down, the kids couldn’t contain themselves because Jesus was like a magnet of unconditional love. They all ran to him and dog-piled Him, laughing and rolling around in the grass. Because my spirit was still inside Him I was experiencing this love between Him and the children. I can only express it as cheezy as it sounds; I felt like I was one with the sun and blue sky that shone over our heads. There was such a euphoric high and a brilliant warmth bubbling out of me. It felt like when you spend time with a small child either teaching or playing a game and they look up and smile at you then give you a hug for giving them attention, but a hundred times more concentrated.

Jesus then sat up and I was now sitting in a circle with the children. He picked a white daisy and began teaching the children about life. “Did you know when I create flowers I create them as unique as the children on earth? Each flower reminds me of a particular person that I love.” The children then began to also pick a flower and one by one they shared who their flower reminded them of back on earth. In unison they all began to pour into their flowers prayers of compassion. Then because there are no tears in heaven they picked the petals and let them fall to represent their hearts pouring out for a hurting world. As the petals drifted upon the soft grass it melted the ground away in the middle of the circle. We all peered down into the gaping hole and saw a night sky filled with stars and then like a tunnel (or porthole) saw the individuals we were praying for on earth. What only took minutes in heaven, while we watched, took a span of 29 years for the person on earth; each one of us seeing how our prayers effected the person we prayed for. The amazing thing was it not only changed their lives for the better but they in turn touched others lives as well.

I wrote all this to say this might or might not have been the children from Connecticut, but I am convinced  these Children that are no longer with us on earth, are wrestling and playing games with Jesus in heaven today, and maybe they are peering down upon their families and dropping flower petaled prayers of compassion for loved ones left behind.

How has this vision touched my life?

I declare as for me and my house we will fill this world with love and compassion. We will vow to make a better world for who we can touch. Like individual stars in a black night sky, lets shine as bright as we can until we take over the uncontrolled hatred with a united heart controlled by love.



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3 responses to “Children Of Compassion

  1. What a beautiful experience you had…thank you for sharing it…Diane

  2. I was really moved by your post Pamela. Chills. The good kind. I do believe the Lord gives us visions sometimes, and this one of yours may really provide some comfort to those that are so in need of it. I am grieved for these parents of the little ones especially. I do pray that even in all of this evil and darkness that His light may shine and His glory may be proclaimed. Tragic events like these remind us, in case we have forgotten, that we are so desperately broken and no government, no policy can fix us. We need the Savior of the world. Thanks for sharing on my blog.

  3. Amen…thanks for your reply. I hear so many people ask, “Were was God?” They must have forgotten we voted Him put of schools.

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