Who Are You

girl in mirrorIdentity affects what we do and how we think.

When your engaged in a conversation, what is your image of yourself?

Have you ever tried to quit a bad habit and failed, or tried to create a good one and quit?

Would you ever refuse doing something you wish you could do but are too afraid of the outcome?

When you look in the mirror who do you see looking back?

Parents, culture, and experiences  mold and shape our images as we grow up. The very building blocks put in place to help us mature and develop can unfortunately be the very foundations for our insecurities, fears, and deep wounds.

As adults we can have a good job, great friends, surrounded by loved ones but still see ourselves as the hurt and broken individual we once were.

Imagine you’re at an art museum. There is a masterpiece in front of you that has captured your attention. What is it about this piece that touches you? It moves something deep inside you, If only you could get to know the artist, ask him questions, you would have such a better understanding of his work.

You are the masterpiece, so wouldn’t it make sense to go to the one who created you and ask Him who you are, and what beauty He placed inside of you? The bible says that God formed you in your mother’s womb, and that you are intricately and wonderfully made. When He made the first man God said, “I will make him in my image.” When you look in the mirror tell yourself that you are the image of God. Don’t let your hurts define who you are.

Growing up abandoned from my father left deep scars that gave myself a horrible image of who I was. It damaged all of my relationships and I was always striving for approval in everything I did. I remember a particular day when I was crying my eyes out, so sick of feeling so driven to please and  desperately wanting to be loved for who I am and not what I do. It was at that moment I saw myself looking into a mirror at who I was; a hurting broken little girl. Then I heard God say, “Smash the mirror, that’s no longer who you are.”  I remember screaming at the image until the mirror exploded in my head. I overcame the way I saw myself. Since that time I have had many amazing conversations with the master artist who created me and gained deeper understanding of why He made me the way I am and my true identity. These encounters have helped me to appreciate the masterpiece in greater depth. Now when I look in the mirror I see a beautiful compassionate work of art that loves to inspire depth and perception in others.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

If you see brokenness let me share with you a miraculous color that God has put in His pallet just for you. It is the crimson blood of His only son that was broken and scarred by this world to heal your wounds. If you call out to your maker to heal and cleans you He will paint over your canvas with this blood that washes whiter than snow. It has the power to turn sorrow into joy and ashes into beauty.

I can confidently say, “You are a masterpiece of great value, one that is worth dieing for.”



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2 responses to “Who Are You

  1. When I look in the mirror I see someone who is different than what I feel inside.
    Instead of the young woman who was busy raising a family and working etc…I now see me in the reality of the fact that I am ‘old’…Not that I resent being old…It’s just that sometimes I don’t recognize myself..In fact I wrote a blog not to long ago about looking in the mirror..and saying ‘Woman who are you’? But as far as knowing I’m a child of God…of that I know without a doubt…Diane

  2. That so true also. I hear that so much about the older we get we still see ourselves as that young energetic person and then shock ourselves at our glance. I love the movie Hook where the little boy is squishing the grown up peter pan’s face all around till he lifts up all Peters wrinkles and says, “There you are Peter!”

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