Floating Body Parts In A Pond of Editors

 I have found the most amazing editor for my first YA fiction.  She is also a writing coach and the knowledge I have gained in the first month corresponding with her has been as helpful as a full semester in college.

The most enjoyable bit of information I would like to pass on to my readers are “Floating Body Parts.” This is when a part of your character’s body acts on its own, separate from the rest of the body. The examples she shared with me were hilarious:

– I saw a pretty blonde across the room. She rolled her big, brown eyes at me. What should he do next? Roll them back to her?

– My girlfriend and I went for a drive along the ocean in my red convertible Corvette. Her long hair blew in the wind. (Maybe he should stop and pick it up for her?)

And then she pointed one out in my writing:

” Their mom turned around with tear-streaked face, furrowed brow, and twisted mouth,  which turned into horror.”  

These sneaky little words that make all the difference to the reader, while us the writers are skipping around believing we are spreading creativity along the way.

Unless you are a zombie writer, I encourage you to look out for these subtle mistakes.  As a reader have fun looking for them in the next book you dive into. A common one I have found recently is “She threw up her hands in disbelief.” I think she should catch them before they float away.


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