Time Is On My Side

Time is of the essence. . . Time stands still. . .The ticking of the clock. . . Now is now the future.

I heard about a study on the news that proved time really does fly when you’re having fun.  They gathered a group of  people who thought they where about to work on  a  project together.  One by one they brought each of them into a private room to give them information. The first half they told, “I’m so sorry this has never happened before, no one has picked you as a partner to work with.” which made that individual think they were utterly rejected. The other half they told them , “This has never happened before, but everyone has picked you to work with them as a partner.” making them soar with popularity.

Each of them waiting to be assigned a partner. The people who thought they were the only ones in the history of this project  rejected, time dragged painfully slow until they were finally told the truth. The ones that thought they were the most popular person in the history of test taking, time sped up considerably.

What does this mean for you now, today, reading this blog wishing I would get to the point so you can hurry on your way?

Not much, except to remind you that you can control time, or it can control you.

What do you do in your spare time?. . .  How much time is wasted?. . . How much time is thought of the future instead of enjoying the minutes that are ticking away in the present?. . .Is time slowing down to such a mind numbing pace, or is it falling through your fingers like sand in an hour glass?

For anyone that has the time I wrote a poem:

Time and Treasures

With each grating beat of the clock

tick, tick, tick,

Tapping us on our shoulders

reminding us that we are still carrying

so much weight upon them

Awakening our senses to the fact

that we must trudge on

to complete the course set before us

tick, tick, tick,

With every second

another thought of where we should be

or what we should be doing

Picking up accomplishments along the way

and wearing them like badges

on a drill sergeant

Will we allow time to control us?

Or will we be able to control our own time?

What if every tick began to tap out

a rhythm of lively conversations?

or blend into a symphony of children’s laughter.

Each tick began to inspire another dream to come true

Each chime spoke to us of our maker

stretching our minds for what purpose we were created

and how we will be regarded

when we take our final bow

Veni, Vidi, Vici

I came,  I saw,  I conquered

Let us seize the time we have

and share this constant flow of treasure

with everyone

who has the time.



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2 responses to “Time Is On My Side

  1. ‘Time’ is one of the greatest gifts we can give others or ourselves….Diane

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