Inspiring Dates

Reflecting back on a WONDER-FULL weekend, inspired me to write down some of my very inexpensive but inspired date ideas. These can either be a time with you and your love, or just a casual and fun way to evoke more communications with another couple.

Top 10 list

ONE is to travel to a historical area of your town (usually your downtown area) and find an area you have never been, or maybe go on a hunt to discover the oldest building. My husband and I did this Friday night. I had just gotten a great idea for my next creepy book so we went to the Monte Vista hotel. Not only is it one of Flagstaff’s oldest hotels but it has some haunting tales attached to it. We walked through the halls looking at old pictures until we traveled the dimly lit stairs all the way to a boxed in landing and I got to share my story idea with him.

TWO is to find a strip of shops and restaurants to walk around looking in shops while going to different restaurants along the way. Pick one for an appetizer then a different one for dinner, and end your date at a coffee and pastry house for a relaxed game or just conversation. Places that serve Tapas are great for this idea also.

THREE could be to take up birdwatching. Eric and I did something different yesterday morning. We invited our friends over that love to bird watch and now that our back yard is teeming with finches, hummingbirds and other winged creatures, we made buckwheat blueberry pancakes together and set up our table outside with a bird books. We had a great relaxing breakfast outside watching the birds together and catching up on life.

FOUR requires calling up a realtor in a nearby small town and asking to look at a few unique or outstanding possibly vacation homes. This helps open up possibilities for maybe your future together, also helps broaden your mind to think and plan for good things instead of wrapped up in the daily struggles of life. I had found an old historical house for sale in a small vacation town 30 mi. away from us. I called mainly for research on my book idea, but it opened up exciting conversations between my husband and me about what we want to do when our kids finish high school (2 years from now). We are now considering downsizing and moving to this area and having a small B&B some day. If nothing else comes out of it we had a great day learning about some fascinating history, had an amazing cup of coffee at a local shop, along with getting to know what each other want for our future.

FIVE takes more prep time. Secretly set up a tent in the woods and pack up to go camping with out telling your spouse. Take them for a walk in the woods and reminisce about all the past camping trips you’ve had together until you reach your campsite. This was a great Father’s day surprise one year. Eric was so astounded to find our tent on our walk.

SIX would be an easier version of this and set up the tent in your back yard.

SEVEN write out scavenger notes or poetic clues to where you will be waiting for him. I did this for my husband on our first anniversary when we lived out in the woods. I had quotes from Song Of Solomon that gave clues  how to find me. I was waiting up on the hill behind our house with a picnic basket lunch and the woods all to ourselves.

EIGHT go to your local library and ask them if they have any plays you can check out. Bring them home, and instead of inviting close friends over to watch a movie, make copies of the play sitting around and giving everyone a character. We had to younger guys renting rooms from us at the time we did this (one was a theater major). I almost peed my pants laughing so hard at some of the accents they came up with or what they had to say.

NINE would be to call around for any local film or theater performances. Usually on campuses they have free or very cheep ones.

TEN is playing make believe. Some examples of this is either going to your absolute favorite household store, (mine is Z gallery or Razmataz) and pretending money is not an option. Go around and pick out all of your favorite things to decorate a new home. Another thing we’ve done before is while walking around a neighborhood and we see a dream house for sale we have snuck up  on the porch and after peeking in windows, sat on the porch and pretended it is our house.

These are just ten but if anyone would like to add to the list, I would love to keep it going. This would be fun to see how many we could come up with. Hopefully these have inspired you.


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