Why Not?

photography taken by my 16 year old daughter Catherine Peterson20120708-120359.jpg

Traveling through life as a parent I have had to pack heavier than when It was just me and my husband. Before it was just throw in the clothes, makeup and maybe a dress. Then the baby stage hits and it feels more like moving day than vacation day. Then when they get older and start packing there own stuff, there is the great exchange. I often felt like Indiana Jones when he had the bag of sand to trade for the idol. “Please…let’s just trade a pair of pj’s with ONE of your superheros! Why? because you have a whole DC comic convention going on in your bag and nothing to sleep in.” Or ” I realize sweetie we are going to the beach but your dolphin snow suit is not a better choice than your swim suit.”

As parents we are not just in charge of our own lives, but theirs as well. I seem to carry along mental baggage as well. No matter where we are going or what we are doing, I am jostling around the weight of worry; either about the other kid that is struggling at the time, or dinner, or money. . . the supply list goes on. Soon I am so weighted down, that when my daughter interrupts my internal packing asking, “Can we go get a frozen yogurt?” or stop by her favorite clothing store, or even, “Let’s run through that sprinkler over the there!” I am so bogged down with trying to close all these ‘suitcases’ that I sometimes forget to enjoy the trip.

Yesterday I was asking our eternal Father to heal a friend, protect my grown son when I can’t, and ignite our youth to be and do what they were created to. I heard Him answer back casually, “Why Not. . . I allowed my son to be crucified for you, beaten so you can be healed, concurred death to make you more than an over-comer. So many people ask me WHY won’t I help or WHY did I allow so much suffering in the world. They falsely judge me with out ever searching out who I truly am. They think of me as an over burdened and cruel ruler. I come to my children like a parent that has put away their burdens and calls back to you why not run through that sprinkler, why not dump mercy and grace upon your life, why not bless you and keep you in perfect peace. Just like a good parent, I also set up boundaries to keep you safe, not to be weighted down with worries and fears, but to run your race joyfully.”

“Why Not,” kept rolling around in my mind, like a smooth set of cat’s eye marbles in a child’s hand. These amazingly relaxed two words that freed me to hand over my over stuffed luggage and say, “Why Not enjoy this trip called life?”

If you heard the words “Why Not” spoken to you, what would that free you to do?

Find Romans 8:31-34. It is a hidden treasure that has the power to take away whatever excess baggage you are carrying around and lift your spirits.



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2 responses to “Why Not?

  1. Those are wonderful words…”Why Not’….It freeing really because sometimes for example you may have in your mind specifics that you need to get done in the day and be so focused on them that you miss doing something sporadic like going for an ice cream..or to the shop with your daughter….What you were focused on really doesn’t have a specific time-line…it will wait…while the other things are in the here and now…just some thoughts Hope all is going well with your son!…Diane

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