Back-porch Revelations

Sipping coffee on my covered porch surrounded by wind-chimes, flowers, and good conversations with my husband, I noticed our hummingbird feeder was still full. Every morning I sit out on our porch swing and wait for the show to begin. . . the Circus de sole of bird shows. Unfortunately the performers must have formed a union and gone on strike because they never show up. Then the revelation hit me as the morning dove newlyweds descended the tree and bathed in the bird bath as they do each morning. Why not thank our Creator for the birds he has brought to our garden. So I began to thank Him for the Robin, woodpeckers, Jays, and even the wrens that did a little acrobatic display on the tree trunk.

I would have never imagined the birds that I would see later that afternoon. My 16 year old daughter Catherine wanted us to have a picnic at the lake. In the time it took me to throw on my old swim suite and jean shorts, Catherine had blown up two rafts and packed up the car with our lunches. As she drove us out to her favorite spot I read a sign “Osprey look out. ” I couldn’t believe it! Ospreys are my favorite birds ever, and I had no Idea we had any in Arizona. Sure enough while we were laying out on our rafts, we began to watch them soar over head and then began to dive. One actually hung out, frozen in midair for about 30 seconds before plummeting down to feast.  Thinking back on this day I received the revelation that the more we appreciate what is before us the more we will receive.

This morning relaxing on the back porch I began to research about hummingbirds. I found out I need to change out my feeder every 4 days. Also I should plant wildflower instead of hybrid trumpet plants because the wild varieties produce more nectar. Also migration has probably not hit my area so just be patient. I also learned more about these amazing little circus performers that I found quite fascinating:

• They do perch, but because they hardly use their feet they are very week and cannot walk on them.

.• They fly forward, backward, shift sideways, stop in midair.

• They can beat their wings 60 to 200 times per second.

• They lap nectar with their tongues.

• They can fly up to 60 miles per hour and fly great distances when they are migrating. The Ruby-throated Hummingbird migrates approximately 600 miles across the Gulf of Mexico.

• They can live 5-6 years in the wild.

• They are the smallest bird in the world.

• They consume, on average, half their weight in sugar each day.

So my back-porch revelations that I would like to inspire you with today is:

If  you want more out of life 1st learn to openly appreciate what  you do have.

Secondly investigate. You will gain more knowledge and understanding and with or without getting the end result learning to look at the positive and gain more wisdom will truly give all of us more quality of  life.


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  1. The Hummingbird is by far my favorite bird…I just marvel at them. That picture is so precious..’if only’…..Diane

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