Shattered Dreams Make The Best Pictures

Have you ever had a dream that you were going to do something great someday?  Something that could quite possibly change the world, bring greater prosperity, and deeper meaning to your life? This “something great” sparked an excitement inside of you to want to share it with those around you. In the monotony of the days ahead, you maybe found yourself fantasizing about what it would look like to be doing “this very great something.”

Unfortunately you find no one else is really as excited as you are, in fact  they  mock your idea by tearing you down. After they have had a good snorty chuckle at your expense they inform you on all the reasons why it won’t work. Or worse yet become jealous and try to steal your “very great something.”

So now you find yourself alone with your shredded  “something” of an idea and not sure if you should continue to persevere or just dump it in the nearby trash on your way back to monotony.  Reaching past your wounded pride and digging into your spirit you discover your dream is original; no one can steal it, no one can throw it away but you. Making a judgement call if it’s still of enough value to keep you realize your “something great” is no longer about you succeeding, but wanting to use it  to make others succeed. You truly want  your dream to make a difference in peoples lives. So you safely pocket  the pieces of  your destiny next to your heart, and plow forward.

Have you ever gotten this far in your dream? Now all alone in your vision of  making this world a better place with your “great something” you begin to step out and try to make a go of it. You begin to make this dream a reality. But  just like in the game of life you find yourself moving one step forward but one giant step back. That giant step backwards could be a falsely accused card reading “Go directly to jail!”  Or your inspiration has dried up along with your funding. Do you pull out the pieces of your dream and try putting them back together to find they have now worn away to mere threads?

If this is you I want to congratulate you on getting this far. This is just where Joseph was with his dream, when God turned it into a reality. Joseph didn’t understand being sold out by his family, falsely accused and sent in prison was all part of the learning process to fulfill the dream God originally gave him. He went from prison one day,  to being second in command over all of  Egypt the next day. He saved a country from famine, saving many lives and made a difference in the world around him. His name and his dream will never die.

Give your threads to God and He will weave them into a much bigger dream. God does not want to merely piece all of our dreams together in a quilt, rather a tapestry. He longs to intertwine them so closely together we can not tell where one dream begins and the other dream ends; all of our “something greats” into one glorious picture. I think it looks something like “Heaven on earth.”



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5 responses to “Shattered Dreams Make The Best Pictures

  1. Beautiful post…and so are all of God’s tapestries……..Diane

    • Thank you. I was just wondering if I am supposed to do something with the blog awards you nominated me for or do they contact me when you made a comment. Great timing. And thank you for support.

  2. Hi Pamela..With the ‘awards’ the bloggers pass them from one to another. And it’s only if you feel up to doing the process…It is a bit time consuming but I can help you like someone helped me the first time and they’re not ‘hard and fast’ rules . Let me know if you want me to. …Diane

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