The Art Of Fatherhood

If you are a father or had a father (ha everyone), you know what I mean. Good or bad father’s mold and shape ideas, personalities, and even quirks into who we are. Our son who practices juggling fire and riding a unicycle couldn’t be at a farther spectrum from his engineering dad, but when his jokes come out or forgetting his keys and wallet, I can’t tell them apart.

I can’t tell you how many times I have passed a homeless person and thought, “He’s just going to use that money for alcohol.” mimicking the exact words my father would often say, and then walk away justified.

That was until last week I watched a homeless person receive some change and then he entered the dollar store with me to get a small carton of milk. It was then I decided the instincts of my heavenly father needed to supersede what I was conditioned by my earthly one. So now with the new understanding he was buying milk I began to chase him down so I could also give him money. Some how he gave me the slip and I was left with my dollar crumpled in hand and the depressing picture in my head of this old guy drinking milk without even cookies. While walking to the grocery store I spotted him once more. This time enjoying his milk and a cigaret at an outside table I heard God say, “How about the $5 instead.” I pulled it out and told him ” My ‘Father’ asked me to give this to you,” and then asked if he would like to meet him. He allowed me to pray for him and introduce him to our Lord and Savior.

Two years ago God woke me up and warned me my father was dying. I went into the woods to reflect and mourn for him. I wrote a poem to read at his memorial whenever the day came. It was in that time I realized how many amazing things I really like about myself that were formed by my dad. He molded me with his words and his wonderful passion for life.

Two weeks later I got the call that my dad suddenly got very ill and would not make it through the night. Instead of crying I began to rejoice in a God that loved me enough to prepare me. This Poem below is the words I used to express what my father formed into me in the natural and then how my heavenly father took over and  superseded with the supernatural.

Happy Father’s Day to my natural and supernatural father.

James Maderas Canto

If you would allow me to paint a new canvas of memories for you

I will begin with strokes of his character

Confident and strong enough to know my favorite flower

Caring and gentle enough to present them to me on each of our special daddy daughter dates.

Picture a beautifully rugged Portuguese sailor adorned with beard and cap,

with a suave and romantic flare to sweep any little girl off of her feet.

A soul as deep as the ocean, that would take time to bring me to natures precipice and teach me to never forget why it’s there.

A fun loving daddy that always knew how to bring bedtime stories to life,

accompanied with all of the voices of Pooh Bear and friends.

As I drifted off to sleep, I knew the Hundred Acre Woods was a real adventure.

You see the portrait of my father was of a strong and healthy romantic who loved to savor each moment of his life.

” It was all about the quality not quantity.”

the rolling with life, like the sea

Being flexible with what life gave us and enjoying it to the fullest while riding each wave.

You all have your own portraits of memories to place upon the walls of thought

As for me, the picture I have painstakingly brushed for you now has been taken from the colors that my father first placed into my soul.

Like seeds of regeneration they have created their own family tree.

I am a living breathing representation of my father.

I have been inspired by his storytelling and became a poet and a writer.

I have nourished my mind with his wisdom of the sea and of nature and have searched them out in greater detail from my heavenly Father

the very one who created it all.

I absolutely love the rich heritage and great romance for life that my father has birthed into me.

My hope now is that the portrait my father has left in all of you will also continue to live and breath something wonderful to behold.



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2 responses to “The Art Of Fatherhood

  1. What wonderful memories and poem…..Diane

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