“To The Lover Of My Soul”

I am intoxicated in your love,

Your touch overtakes my heart,

And I am instantly yours.

Your desire towards me

Overwhelms my senses, yet

I welcome its strong hand.

You never leave me empty,

But rather with gifts,

To remember you by.

As the afterglow begins to dwindle,

I begin to Un-wrap a healed relationship,

A new heart, a wealth of newfound wisdom.

Who can compare?

Who would settle for less,

Than what I have discovered in you?

Should this love be held secretly, in hushed whispers,

Shared only between my lips to yours,

Or could I shout it to the rooftops?

No matter.

I will never be the young maiden,

Not ready for her lover.

I am a fruitful tree among this forest.

Your wine-covered lips have spoken beauty into my mouth.

You have made me beautiful,

And I wish only to bring you pleasure

In return.

This was a poem I had written several years ago to place at the beginning of a devotional I had self published on the Song of Solomon. I have just revised the book and I’m thinking of offering it on this blog (If I can figure out how to set it up.) 


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  1. I enjoyed this–lovely!

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