Seeds of Potential

“Whew,” is all I could say. I had just swept and hosed off our back porch. Got in a small water fight with my 14 year old daughter, Julie as we kept pinging each other while working strenuously together getting the back yard in order. Now it was our turn to sit on the new “Rio” print pillows I had just put out on the porch swing, sit back, and drink ice tea. While watching Eric aka:husband/dad plant a small butterfly garden for my mothers day gift.

It was like magic, one minute between swings Eric had vanished, and the next moment he was walking back to the garden with the old emerald green door we had nabbed a year ago after a neighbor had thrown it out on the curb. Now I am sitting up to enjoy the show as inspiration has taken over my engineering husband and, poof, turned him into an artist. “This is going to be good,” I thought. This act was replayed as he kept disappearing under the house with iron gates his father no longer had use for, and a stone bird bath that was left by the previous owners when we purchased the house.

After placing the discarded goods around the garden and wrapping them with honeysuckle and Lilly of the Valley bushes I wanted to leap up and give him a standing ovation. Not only had my husband done an amazing job with his creativity I secretly knew was hidden inside of him, but I could see the garden’s potential. I no longer saw small newly planted bushes, but rather their full potential. Honeysuckle blossoms fragrantly weaving their vines around it’s trellis and door, bringing sweet nourishment to butterflies and hummingbirds. Lilly of the valley clusters cascading down reminding us of the one who referred to himself as the “Lilly of the Valley,” Jesus.

Then entering stage left my 21 year old son beaming from ear to ear sits down beside me and lavishes me with his day. “I met up with a friend of mine that I had been able to talk out of suicide last year.” He now had my undivided attention. “We hung out playing pool and jamming on his banjo for a while as he shared with me about decisions he has made. Mom I felt God’s heart for this kid big time, so I shared with him all the amazing things I saw in this kid and what God’s potential is for him. He told me he’s an atheist, and I laughed and said that doesn’t stop God from loving you and for dyeing for you. Mom, I’ve never seen this guy so happy before. There was a real connection between two friends who have struggled with depression, and he thanked me by giving me his banjo. This guy is the nicest guy mom.”

Wow, God you really deserve the standing ovation. You are showing us how to see what the world deems as discarded goods and inspiring us to bring out the full potential from the seed you placed lovingly in each and every heart.




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6 responses to “Seeds of Potential

  1. I love this. God wants every soul on this Earth alive right now. wW could use everyone. We all have a purpose on this planet…but we have to choose to take that journey 🙂

    • I can hear your voice of passion through your words and I love the assurance you have given me that with them. It means there are more people out there that feel as strong about us as individuals being who we were created to be and then collectively become one powerful force to make a positive difference.

      • Totally. The people of the world must realize that we are all here because our souls were put here and we need to make a difference TOGETHER. One step at a time.

  2. Barbie White

    Wow! Soooo encouraging! Love it! I will share with my kids when they get home from school today! My daughter loves to write, she will appreciate the way you write! My son is extremely social, he will appreciate the friend connection! God BLESS you REAL GOOD, for sharing the gifts He’s given YOU!

    • So excited for you to share this blog with them!

      • king62198 brought up a good point that “Our souls were put here, and we need to make a difference.” I was watching the end of American Idol where all of the contestants got to sing. They all had amazing voices. All were crafted by God, but some used their talents to allow His love to shine through them and some did not use their talents to glorify God. Imagine a world where everyone used the talents God gave them for the purpose they were given. I believe that is what fulfilling our purpose is meant to be.

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