Ponderings of a Child

My sixteen year old daughter Catherine had a dream that she was swimming in cascading pools of healing with another sixteen year old. Every time my daughter approached this girl with direction for her life or trying to teach her about Jesus this girl would just giggle and go about playing and splashing in the water. Catherine was becoming frustrated with this teenagers immaturity. She then noticed signs over her head “victim,”  “worthless,” “unloved.” etc. the giggling girl next to her showed her how to play a game by bursting out of the water and punching down the sign. Catherine told me it was really hard to go against the weight of the water, but the rush of knocking those signs down were invigorating.

She told me as soon as she awakened God spoke to her and told her the giggling girl was an image of herself. God proceeded to explain that He wanted her to learn from the innocence of children how to overcome the signs the world try and put on her.

What amazing wisdom we can draw from that dream. First, sometimes we have so many preconceived ideas of how the world is we can become blind to the amazing possibilities all around us. Second to gain back our innocence, don’t take life so serious; laugh at the signs our enemy tries and label us as(laughter is actually a war tactic to show dominion over your enemy). It might feel like the gravity of sorrow or condemnation is making it difficult, but keep jumping and reaching higher until we knock off the damaging labels from over our lives. Lastly, remember there really are pools of healing: They are referred to as “the living water” in the bible, which is God’s word and His Spirit. Whatever you are going through there is a scripture for it. Just take that word and speak it over your life; meditate on it like soaking in the healing waters and let God’s Spirit transform the situation. Lets become like that trusting giggling child that knows her heavenly Father is going to work His magic.


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