What does Homemade fudge and the sex trade have in common?

I have been experimenting in the kitchen with a product a friend of mine had given me as a Christmas present. I know, weird ha? Cooking healthy has been a kind of personal passion between her and I. At the beginning of our friendship we would sneak Ben and Jerry’s and Taco Bell into the movies with us, enjoy going out for dessert and coffee together, or spend the evening making elaborate dinners for just her and my family and then while my hubby cleaned the mountainous dishes we would play barbies with my two daughters ( who were 4 and 6 then). She always stole my sons tattoo GI Joe doll for her barbie.

Then came the day when she was able to follow a dream: become a missionary in Thailand, teaching prostitutes how cut hair and get out of the sex trade. I still remember the phone call when she jokingly said we can no longer be friends because she found out she had celiac disease and could no longer eat my favorite food: carbs anymore. Soon after that the battle for her health raged on with a parasite, and eventually cancer. Home on U.S. soil she devoted much of her time fighting off these enemies naturally and spiritually.

Ever since then we have both changed our way of eating and enjoyed the healthy benefits from it. Now we still get together but it is with her and her husband. We still cook elaborate meals and incredible desserts but they are all gluten free and sugar free.

While researching cancer fighting foods and sugar free alternatives she found the healthy fudge recipe (below) that is to be taken 3 times a day like medicine. I personally found it too rich and added oatmeal and crushed almonds into mine. I also suggest layering it with peanut butter spread in the middle. I think then it is better than a peanut butter cup.

Just Like Sugar is an amazing product that you can order through amazon. I suggest getting the Baking bag. It is derived from Chicory root, Calcium and vitamin c. It has 96g. of fiber! No aftertaste and is in powder form. How I like to use it since it is not quite as sweet as sugar is I use the amount called for in recipes and then add honey until it tastes sweet enough for my sweet tooth.

Here is the recipe. I suggest taking a square each night  for a dessert replacement. It does use lots of unrefined coconut oil, which actually helps you to loose weight. All of these ingredients are super healthy and actually fight off all kinds of diseases.

Healthy 5 minute Fudge

1 c. of unrefined coconut oil

2 tsp. or more of unsweetened organic cocoa powder

2/3 c. JLS (Just Like Sugar)

1 tsp. good pure vanilla

1 c. raw nuts like almonds walnuts or pecans

You can also add whey protein  or almond butter

Let me know how you made yours, and may we always be passionate in what we love.


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