All of Creation Groans

I found this picture on Flickr from a photographer who posted it in 2007 named “photostream” I realize a picture is worth a thousand words, but hopefully my 150 word poem will inspire.

Maternal garden of Eden
Our fruitful paradise
Saturated in streams of pleasure
A mere mortal reflection
Of an eternal promise land

The fall of man
Shattered our looking glass
and shackled all of creation
to pine away
with the thorns of disobedience

She weeps black oil
through blue pristine pools
Her locks of Willow and Oak
no longer sway and glisten
Rather lay brittle and weathered
Like her cracked and worn out skin

Where are the sons of men
who were proclaimed to care for her?
Gathering up the earth’s abundance
to feed the spoils of pleasure
Instead of harvesting true purpose
while laying rot on the vine.

Can you hear it?
All of creation groans
with earthquakes, floods, and fires
Travailing to bring us back
To our Utopian roots.


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