“Show” and not “Tell”

If your a writer, I would love to hear from you if you’ve ever been told this, and how you were able to turn your writing style around. I had been quite honored by a well known agent who asked to see my whole manuscript. When I got the rejection letter back saying she was intrigued by the story, but there was too much “tell” and not enough “show” distracting from the flow of the story, and I had to agree with her. So I have chosen to take my own advice from a past article I blogged about “Sculpting out the New Year in 2012.” It talks about allowing healthy criticism to shape us into better writers.

Thinking about this statement as I walked through my day, there were some eye opening truths that spoke louder than words. . .

Entering the house my little gray mop head of a dog instantly welcomes me in by hopping like a bunny while giving me a succession of “high fives” in the air. Following inches from my heal, waging his tail like a propeller to keep up with my wanderings until at last I sit down and he leaps into my lap looking up at me with those huge glistening eyes that translate as “Wow, I love hanging out with you! Wouldn’t you like to pet me now?”

Sitting on the couch watching Pride and prejudice with my 14 year old daughter. We both stop munching our popcorn, stop exhaling, riveted to the teli as Collin Firth (as Darcy) is zoomed in by the cameras. Elizabeth Bennet has just entered the room we watch his face tighten painfully and his eyes stare longingly into this headstrong woman’s eyes. Every intensity in his look screams out “I will not survive unless I can have you. You have enraptured me in every possible way.” I hear my daughter release a giant sigh, as I can almost hear the sigh of every young girls heart along with it, “Oh to be loved like that!”

Putting groceries away in the kitchen, I observe my 16 year old daughter frolic around the kitchen table in her yoga pants and little gray sweatshirt jacket that looks way better than a sweatshirt deserves. She never wears make-up to hide her rosy complexion and vibrant blue eyes. She now tosses her golden tresses aroundĀ  explaining to her best friend how all guys are jerks and she has decided she will never date. Her best friend for over a year now is a hard working guy, who has been there for her through thick and thin. I steal a quick glance at his face and catch him watching her like a ballerina in Swan Lake doing pirouettes around him. Not only has his face exposed his heart, but his faithful and steady commitment has spoken more to my daughter than any words could.

Let’s take the time to “seewhat people are really sayingto us.


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  1. Enjoyed your post…very easy to see in my mind the scenes spoken of Diane

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