Inspirations from the Creator

This morning as I was having coffee with the Creator of the universe (I do this every morning), He spoke to me about some of you on the world wide web. Whoever you are I hope you find these words inspiring.

The Great Exchange

Weary and oppressed with worry and doubt.
I see your mind like a hornets nest with vexations buzzing around without an answer to rest on.
I am the lifter of your soul.
Come away with me,
drowned your inhibitions in my sea of peace and tranquility.
Find me in the depths of eternity,
My outstretched arms are continuously reaching for your touch.
See my Majesty reigning upon the mountainous throne
in your dwelling places.
Experience the thrill of weightlessness
as we soar high above the laws of gravity.

You are my beloved one.
If only you would believe in me as much as I believe in you.
Simply take my hand and see me for who I really am:
Your Over-comer
your Healer
your Comforter
your Lover,
and your Friend.

Run away with me for a spell,
experience the wonder of life though my eyes,
and I promise when you arrive back in your daily routine
you will find I have exchanged your unsolved problems
With unending answers.



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2 responses to “Inspirations from the Creator

  1. Eric

    Love this web sight. It reminds me that this thing called life is an adventure that is to be appreciated.

  2. Naphtali Toms

    This one was soo for me. I feel constantly pulled into my own analytical thoughts way too much of the time, this confirmed what I feel like God keeps trying to get through to me, “I LOVE YOU. Relax, and trust. I KNOW what I’m doing.”

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