My family just rented the movie “In Time.” We watched it last night and my mind is still swirling in all the metaphors, similes, and it’s allegorical setting. If I could take one minute of your time to ponder a subtle statement made. A car salesman sold a car to the main character for fifty years of his life. (Time is the only currency). After he gave up 50 years of his life for this hot new car, the salesman asked where he would like it displayed. The customer said, “Display it, heck, I’m gonna drive it!”
First of all let’s ponder the idea of how many years of your life would you be willing to give up for luxury? Also, do we purchase these luxuries merely to show off what we have? Once you’ve decided what purchase is worth it, then use it, drive it….live your life and don’t waist it.


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