Ponderings “Steppin’ Up Your Love”

In yet another step class listening to Bruno Mars sing “I’d take a grenade for ya,”  I noticed a pair of flailing arms moving in the opposite direction, and legs two steps behind everyone else. It was one of the gals husband that was making a fool of himself to do obviously something only she enjoyed doing. It was while the song oozed out more empty promises that the irony hit me. This guy wasn’t promising ridiculous things, he was doing ridiculous things to prove his love for her. 

There’s another song that talks about promises by Third day, called “Love song” In it  Jesus sings to us about a man who promises to climb the highest mountain just to be with the one he loves, and how he leaves broken promises proving it has never been done. Jesus goes on to say that even though he has not climbed the highest mountain, he has walked the hill of Calvary(dying on a cross) just to be with us. Finally a promise of love proven and fulfilled.


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  1. Wow, i love it, love that speaks without words, so much more powerful and tangible than merely and collection of letters on a page or soundwaves hitting my eardrums.

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