Oxymorons are not for morons

“Loose your life, and you shall find it.”

“Give and it will be given back, pressed down, shaken, and running over.”

“Take no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself.”

Silly example of this today. Went to my over crowded step class, and after  chiseling out a miniscule place for myself to work out, in comes another gal placing a step right next to mine. We all instinctively gave her a little of our space, and  I was so surprised when I realized I had twice as much room as before. How does that happen?

A more divine example was when my son, who was 6 years old at the time, had heard a fiery missionary from Australia preach about world evangelism. My son, Jonathan turned to me and said, “I want to give all that’s in my piggy bank to help people in other countries.” The next Sunday he plopped his whole piggy bank into the offering that was for over-seas ministries which had about $20 in it. That week our youth pastor came to our door with Jonathan’s piggy bank with 5 $20 bills sticking out of it and said, “some anonymous member was so touched by what your son did that he wanted him to have this in return.”

Sometimes giving of ourselves, or thinking of others before our own needs makes no sense, but you know what they say….”What goes around comes around.”



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