Black as ink, marked with our dejected failures

One light enters

Cold as ice, congealed in a numbness of existence

One light appears

Dark as the night, masked with schemes of debauchery

One light draws near

One heavenly, everlasting light, set ablaze in a midnight sky

Look up for your redemption draws nigh

In a single flame

The Creator of light, maker of stars, warming us with the day

reflecting it’s brilliance at night

has given us a gift

One single light brought down from the heavens of light

If we accept this eternal gift,

letting it burn deep in our soul

It can heal all of our wounds

restore our vision

direct our lives

In one fluid turn,

igniting those drawn to the warmth we now posses

Our gift given and recieved

Growing into a fire bright as the day

Washing our sins white as snow

Setting the world on fire

God’s most spectacular gift to you this season

The light of the world.


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