Baby it’s cold outside

I usually love to work out, but since the temperatures have become abominable, I have become a baby wrapped in blankets each morning huddled in front of my fire (with my four trusty companions snoozing contentedly around me of coarse). I think of every excuse why I just can’t pry myself away, put on my icy workout clothes and weather the snow to get to my work out class. It wasn’t until I was there with sweat pouring down my face, and the endorphins flooding my body, giving it a euphoric high, the idea for this blog occurred to me.

I didn’t want to leave the small amount of warmth I had found, so I wrapped myself up in “security blankets” of excuses. How many times do we do that in life? When we face challenges, mountains to climb, and obstacles, do we weather the storm, or wrap our selves up in our many excuses? What are some of yours? If you have any similar to mine they would be “It’s just too hard,” “I’ve never done this before…has anyone ever done this before?” “There’s always tomorrow.” These security blankets of excuses keep us comfortable, but they also keep us from growing up. So many times we can excuse ourselves out of a more fulfilling and successful life. I didn’t want to exercise, because I didn’t want to be cold, but for a few minutes of freezing I turned my own body into a furnace, and felt good about myself for the entire day. What are we afraid of? What are your own daily challenges? We don’t really know the outcome until we try it. So let’s decide together, right now to throw off our “baby blankets” of excuses and venture out into this big beautiful world of promise and find we just might enjoy the view from the top of our mountains instead of huddled at the base of the storm.



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2 responses to “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. Holly Johnson

    my “security blanket” is a tall glass of vino. and now that it’s Christmas Germans have Gluhwein which is a tall glass of vino heated. i can never escape the vino. do you have a solution for my wine consumption?!

    • I should have known my German vino sipper would be you, even though your probably speaking for your famous world traveling musician;)
      Yes, believe it or not I have an answer. The warmth your looking for is in a home full of fascinating relational people…so have a Christmas party, asking each person to bring a favorite traditional dish and serve a hot cider by adding an awesome bottle of the non alcoholic version of your hot vino (glow-wine) they have at their Ikea stores (I think it’s called Glogg). You can also add some of the real stuff to flavor. You will feel a deeper sense of belonging in a foreign country by sharing part of yourself. So take off the security blanket and show off your new party dress, that I know you have;)

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