I just got back from the new Muppet movie with my hubby and youngest daughter. I have to admit I only went for Animal (believe it or not that was my nick name in High school).  I was so thrilled to find myself transported back in time, when I used to watch it with my dad every week with out fail.  My father past away one year ago January, and I felt him all around me, laughing, singing manamana, and leaning over to me saying, “you gotta love the old guys in the balcony.”

I found a wealth of wisdom in some of their quotes. Kermit at one point said to a new muppet trying to grow up, “Everyone has a talent, you just need to find out what that is and bring it out.” I would ask you the same thing. I know whoever you are reading this, you are talented. You were created that way. Now take a journey into yourself and figure out what you do that makes this  life a better place and do it.

Another amazing statement given to the same  Muppet, “You believe in everyone else, that’s easy. Now you need to believe in yourself. That’s called maturity.” How many times have we encouraged someone else to take that first step. telling them we believe in them even when others don’t, but when it comes to us we can crumble at even the first opposition that tries blocking our path. I truly believe for us to persevere in reaching our goals, we must first believe in ourselves.

Oh yeah did I mention Jack Black was in it?

T’was Amazing 🙂


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